Rant My Life: Top 5 Hilarious #RML Tweets from This Past Week

So, if you’re not familiar with Rant my life, the concept is pretty simple. We are taking the FML concept and applying it to sports because let’s face it, we always have something to complain about in the sports world. Even more complain worthy is fantasy football, which has a tendency to drive people up the wall. For example, I went up against a guy who had Jamaal Charles, Calvin Johnson and Kyle Rudolph this weekend. Talk about your perfect storm of dominance.

Anyway enough out of me. Let’s take a look at the top five #RML tweets from the past few days.

This isn’t really anything to do with sports, except for the fact that Jonathan Carroll, or ChicagoBearJew, is part of the team here at Rant Sports. He appears in plenty of videos and writes about his beloved Chicago Bears, and apparently upset this girl to no end because he was not following her. The tragedy has been addressed, and Jonathan now follows Kim. All is well.

Obviously referring to the debacle that occurred at the end of the Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks, Ryan had this gem of an #RML tweet. This could be one explanation for the ref awardingGolden Tate a touchdown, because lord knows he didn’t actually record a touchdown.

Where are my Family Guy fans at? This is clever and hilarious, often a winning combination in my book.

Uh, I have no idea, Chris. The Atlanta Falcons made Peyton Manning look silly the week before, so you probably should have seen it coming. Though to be fair, Peyton was going against the Houston Texans. It wasn’t going to go over well for either of your guys.

You were only nine field goals short of your goal! I must admit, I was holding out hope that Crosby would kick 11 field goals when I saw this one. It would have made the top of the “weirdest games ever” list.

Keep tweeting and checking back every week to see the best of the best!

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