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Anderson Cooper Surprises Cheryl Leitner After Home Was Burglarized


Cheryl Leitner was a 2012 Paralympian and she competed well in London. However, she ran into an issue when she returned home to New Jersey. She found that her home had been broken into and many of her valuables were stolen. Normally this would end poorly, but Anderson Cooper heard about the issue and decided to do something about it.

Cooper invited Leitner and her mother onto his show, where he surprised the two by giving Leitner the valuables back.  Not the ones she had, but ones that are exactly the same.  This is one of the better TV moments that you will see and it shows why most people love Cooper.

He did not have to do this.   He went out of his way once he heard about this story to try to help someone in need.  No one begged him or forced him to do it.  He simply did it because that is the right thing to do.  You have to applaud an effort like that from the guy.

The emotion that Leitner showed after getting these gifts back is what makes this so touching.  She probably thought that she would never get those precious items back.  The memories that she had from winning at the games and the ability to pass the items down to her children seemed lost.  Thanks to Cooper, it is now possible once again.

If you don’t like this moment, I think there is an issue somewhere.  Hands down one of the best moments of the TV year.


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