Even Fans Can't Break DiMaggio's 56 Game Hit Streak

By ryanmasters
Rick Osentoski- US PRESSWIRE

Joe DiMaggio‘s 56 game hit streak may be the most impressive single season record in all of professional sports. MLB.com has given fans the chance to beat his record but nobody has been able to accomplish the feat. They created a competition for the fans in 2001 that allowed fans to choose one hitter per day in hopes that their combination of hitters reach base successfully in 57 consecutive games. The winner would receive $5.6 million if they were able to break the record.

It should be an easy task, right? You get to choose the best hitters in the game during their hottest streaks of the season. You can cherry-pick players so that they have the most favorable match-up on any given day. Well, so far, nobody has been able to accomplish the feat in 11 years. Everyone that was competing this season has already been eliminated because it is mathematically impossible for them to reach 57 by the end of the season.

Since nobody is going to be able to reach the mark so the rules have been changed. Fans are now allowed to pick 57 hitters each day. If all 57 players get a hit the person will receive the cash price. Even if you think it is impossible to hand select 57 players in a given day, there is still an incentive to play. The highest total will receive $5,000.

This competition shows exactly how difficult of a feat Joe DiMaggio accomplished. Mike Trout and Miguel Cabrera have been putting up astonishing numbers this season but neither of them have even got to 15 games this season. DiMaggio did the feat by himself and was able to accomplish it. Fans are allowed to choose from over 300 hitters and still can’t accomplish it.

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