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Purdue Intramural Quarterback Throws 30 Yard Behind The Back Touchdown Pass

If an intramural play ends up being a top play on SportsCenter, you know it is going to be a good one. This play comes to us courtesy of Purdue and their intramural flag football. The quarterback decided to unleash a 30 yard behind the back pass. Of course it went for a touchdown.

If you want a little more context, the man who threw this ball was none other than the roommate of Purdue punter Cody Webster. People at first thought he was the guy who threw the ball, but he was simply the man who alerted people to it. Stupid inaccurate Internet.

I would bet you a large sum of money that I could attempt this and I would either A) blow out my arm and black out or B) throw the ball about two feet. The fact that he hit the receiver in stride is simply amazing to me. It looks like that guy has had some practice with that type of throwing.

Just think how ballsy you have to be to throw a pass like that. I’m in an intramural football league at my school and even though my team is pretty good, we would never think about attempting something like this. If it goes wrong, you look like an absolute idiot. However, if it goes right, you become an instant legend.

Big ups to this guy who pulled it off. If you can do this, you are a legend. Someone make sure this man doesn’t pay for a drink the rest of his college career.