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Tampa Bay Rays Rookie Hazing Dance to Call Me Maybe

USA Today

Yet again, “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepson has hit YouTube with professional sports team. This time, the Tampa Bay Rays rookies annual hazing required them to dress up and perform to the song.

The Rays annual tradition involved the rookies taking part in hazing during the last road trip of their season. This time around, after the 4-2 win against the Boston Red Sox on Wednesday. Their video was shot in front of the Green Monster at Fenway Park.

This was a very intricate hazing; not only did the rookies all have matching 80’s outfits and wigs, but they even had a choreographed dance. It wasn’t even a simple choreographed routine that repeats the same move over and over again.

These rookies performed a full-blown dance to the song from beginning to end. They were even shockingly in sync with each other considering baseball players don’t have the best dance skills.

Included in the Rays video are Matt Moore, Brandon Gomes, Dan De La Rosa, Stephen Vogt, Alex Cobb, Rich Thompson, Jake McGee, Jose Lobaton, Chris Archer and finally Desmond Jennings performing the backflip.

Although they were not all rookies, organizer James Shields felt like anyone with less than one year of experience in the majors should participate. Clearly they all had fun doing it, regardless of their time spent with the team.

The rookies on the team can thank pitcher David Price for recording their hazing to make it go viral and giving everyone a good laugh.