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Travis Snider Makes Possible Catch Of The Year By Robbing Home Run

Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

We have a new nominee for play of the year and it comes to use courtesy of Travis Snider. Snider is one of those maddening players who has a ton of talent but can never seem to put it together. For one instance on Thursday, he put it together with an amazing Spiderman like catch to rob a home run.

The Pittsburgh Pirates have been bad the last month or two so this is probably the best moment that they have had in a while.  The ability to hang on the wall and reel the ball in is simply amazing.  There have been some great catches this year but I do not see any way that this can not be the best of the year.  It adds almost everything you need for an amazing play.

Trust me, this will be all over the highlight shows for the next week.  It is going to be a top play everywhere you look.  That is how awesome it is.  I thought that there was no chance that ball would be caught.  However, Snider just managed to hang on the wall.  That takes a lot more strength than people actually realize.

It is late in the year but baseball can still pump out moments that make us go crazy.  Normally, there would be no reason to watch a game like this but you never know when a great play can pop up.  Thanks to Snider, we certainly have something to watch for years to come.