Bikini Basketball League Is Ready For Launch

By Bryan Lutz
Black Sports Online

Move over Lingerie Football, Bikini Basketball is set to launch and take over the world! Obviously, the Bikini Basketball League was created by two drunk guys are a frat party, but it doesn’t make it any less fantastic! The league has seven teams as of now – – Miami Spice, the Chicago Desire, the Orlando Lady Cats, the Hollywood Hotties, the Los Angeles Ice, and the Atlanta Fleet Angels. Ahh, I get it. Miami Spice is like Miami Vice – -clever. A Spice representative had this to say about anyone who questioned the integrity of the league:

“This is a competitive basketball league, so we are definitely looking for girls that can really play. It is also a bikini league in which the girls will be playing basketball in bikinis, so looking good in a bikini is a must.”

So what you’re telling me is the low post game won’t be utilized very well in the BBL? Got it.

Here is another nugget from the Miami New Times:

“This Saturday, aspiring athletes/exhibitionists can don a sports bra and shorts and showcase their skills for a chance to earn a spot on the team’s 2013 lineup. They’re looking for 10 to 15 lucky ladies, and the stakes are high”

Nothing like incorporating athletes and  exhibitionists.

The league will go head-to-heat against the WNBA, which is probably a pretty solid idea because I only know the WNBA still exists from this report.

I cannot lie. I am pretty intrigued by the whole idea, only because I’m a superficial guy and have no soul, though.

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