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Rapper Lil B To Try Out For Golden State Warriors


If you listen to rap music, you probably know who Lil B is. He is best known to the sports world for his repeated attempts to play one-on-one with Kevin Durant. I don’t think that’d go well, but what do I know? It appears that the Based God might have some talent, as he apparently has a tryout with the Golden State Warriors in October.

I wanna let you know ima be trying out for the nba golden state warriors in october lets stay #based and positive – Lil B

I can not lie to you folks, this is kind of shocking. By kind of shocking, I mean what in the heck is going on? If he is really telling the truth, I think the Warriors have ended up losing their minds. Seriously, this dude is a rapper. How is he going to walk into the gym and play with some of the best?

If he manages to somehow make the roster, I think the world would collapse in on itself. Lil B on the court with the best players in the world would certainly shock people. In fact, a tryout itself is possibly the most shocking thing in the world. There have been weird things in sports, but this might take the cake.

We will see if the Based God has the talent to play. If he somehow makes the squad, he might get to play KD sooner than he thinks. Not sure if that is good or bad, though.