Soccer Team to Vote on the Retention of General Manager

By Derek Kessinger


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If you’ve ever wondered what profession would make for the most exciting sports team owner, look no further than game show host an comedian. The Price is Right host Drew Carey is giving his Seattle Sounders soccer fans more control of their team than any fan base in the history of America.

No offense to Dallas Mavericks owner and billionaire Mark Cuban, but Carey has to be the most loved owner in sports. Despite owning only a minority owner of the MLS team, Carey pushed for a vote of confidence in the team’s General Manager Adrian Hanauer. The Sounders are currently in fourth place in the Western Conference, where the top five teams advance to the playoffs

Beginning Oct. 7, season ticket holders or fans willing to pay $125 a year to be in the “Alliance” fan club will get to vote on the fate of Hanauer. This vote will happen every four years, regardless of the state of the team. This give the fans more input consistently and more incentive to stay involved with the Sounders.

While Drew Carey has become entrenched in The Price is Right and was famous on Whose Line is it Anyway for saying “the show where the games are made up and the points don’t matter,” perhaps people do not want their jobs decided by the spin of a wheel. Although it’s hard to imagine that on the sitcom, The Drew Carey Show, there was not at least one episode where Carey’s boss, played by Craig Ferguson, did not treat him similarly.

Looking back over the history of owners, it’s fun imagining the fate of other executives’ jobs being controlled by the fans. It’s really hard to say who the tougher critic of the New York Yankees would have been George Steinbrenner or the fanatics. Of course, for Colorado Rockies fans, the chance to finally dispose of general manager Dan O’Dowd after 13 years by a vote is too far fetched to be of comfort.



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