Dri Archer's 99-Yard Kickoff Return in Less than 10 Seconds

By Renae Juska


Dri Archer from Kent State had one of the most boring, yet amazing 99-yard kickoff returns on against the Ball State Cardinals on Saturday.

The score was tied 7-7 with 11:29 left in the 2nd quarter. The announcer even says “I wouldn’t be surprised to see them kick it away from Archer.”  But Ball State didn’t succeed at the kickoff return.


Instead they kicked it right to Archer and the defense failed to stop him. He had 3 teammates in front of him that cleared the path and not a single Cardinal player was within close distance to him, let alone within tackling range.He made a beeline straight through all the players and ran a solid 40 yards with no defenders in sight.

His 99-yard run took less than 10 seconds to complete and Golden Flashes were up 14-7 after the extra-point. Kent State was down by only one point with 1:16 left on the clock. They gradually worked their way down the field and Freddy Cortez kick a field goal with 5 seconds left to win the game 45-43 against Ball State.

This was Archer’s second kickoff return for a touchdown this season and this 99-yard return is the second best in school history. He ended the game with 3 caught passes, a career high of 104 yards, first two touchdown tosses of the year and 350 all-purpose yards.

Archers incredible speed has him as a top candidate to be the FBS leader in average yards per kick return for the season. After this weekend’s performance he should  receive the MAC offensive player of the week or even the special teams player of the week. And clearly the rest of the MAC teams are going to need to keep an eye out on Archer for the remainder of the conference season.


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