Jamaal Charles Pulls Off Sick Touchdown Run

By Riley Schmitt

Jamaal Charles must have played a lot of Tecmo Bowl when he was younger.  The Kansas City Chiefs running back has been the only bright spot for the team on Sunday as this awesome touchdown run has been the only thing the fans have to cheer about.


It is not often that you see a running back run to one side of the field and completely reverse field.  Well, I guess you can see that but it almost never happens in a good way.  Plays like this end in losses, not touchdowns.  That shows how much speed the running back really has.

The Chiefs are simply a bad football team right now.  There is almost no reason to cheer for this team.  They are simply bad at everything.  The quarterback play is atrocious, they can’t hold onto the football, and the games are blowouts almost every single time.  Not exactly a good way to get interest in the team.

Maybe Charles will blow up like he did last week and the Chiefs can get right back into this game.  It will take a superhuman effort from him but he did have one of those last week.  It is a little bit tougher defense this week but weird things can happen.  It is football after all.

This play will certainly be on the highlights.  The Chiefs fans might just watch this over and over again to feel better about this game.  When you only have one bright spot, you might as well watch it over and over again.


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