James Jones Makes Incredible No Look Catch To Seal Packers Victory


James Jones might be the most maligned receiver to play for the Green Bay Packers in the history of the team. The wideout has a ton of talent but he absolutely maddening to watch. He has tons of drops and never seems to play up to his potential. On Sunday, he made a catch to shut a lot of his doubters up.


I mean, there is a ton of skill involved in that play.  If I were a gambling man, I would probably bet a small sum of money that Jones could not see that ball.  The defender had him screened perfectly and it is nothing less than a miracle that he ended up catching it.  I’ve seen Jones drop wide open touchdowns.  There is no way he should ever catch something like that.

Even though the catch wasn’t necessary on the play (pass interference will always get you the first down), it will still be one of the best plays of the season.  A guy like Jones can make you pull your hair out.  If you see a guy make a catch like this, yet drop the easy ones, it makes it hard to take him seriously.  For one night, Jones is a hero in Green Bay.

The Packers needed this.  They looked dead in the fourth quarter until a late touchdown drive and some defensive stops gave them a shot in the arm.  They sit at 2-2 and are still in the thick of things going forward, thanks to Jones.


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