19-Year-Old Heroine Dealer Used LeBron James’ Name To Brand Packets

By Michael Terrill
LeBron James heroin / Philadelphia Daily News

Miami Heat forward and reigning NBA MVP LeBron James cannot be happy about the news coming out of Philadelphia today. A 19-year-old named Marlon Guess was caught selling 140 packets of heroin to an undercover police officer with James’ name on them.

Drug dealers use unique names to help sell a product. Sometimes dealers will even use a different name for the same product to help boost sales. The Upper Darby police officer bought the 140 bags of LeBron for $750 each.

“I don’t think LeBron James would be too happy with this drug-dealer dude using his name on these street bags,” said Michael Chitwood, Upper Darby’s Police Superintendent.

According to the Upper Darby police, Guess saw the officers rolling up on him to make the bust and decided it was best to attempt a getaway. Instead of driving away swiftly, he frantically drove his rental car into a police cruiser and then a parked car before deciding to try his luck on foot. Obviously, Guess did not get very far and was arrested on the spot.

“He told the officers, ‘Man, I know the drill. I ain’t talking. I’ll be out on bail tomorrow morning,’” Chitwood said. “Well, he got whacked with $250,000 cash bail, so he’s not getting out too soon.”

I personally would like to know what James’ thoughts are on Guess selling $105,000 worth of heroine with his name on it. I guess the only thing he can be happy about is that it was not his silhouette used on the packets above his name. However, I am sure he is disturbed by the news that his name is being associated with a drug that has ruined hundreds of thousands of lives.

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