Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton Stars In "This Is SportsCenter" Commercial

By Riley Schmitt

Cam Newton is probably one of my favorite players in sports, but he is having a little bit of a sophomore slump.  Teammates have questioned his desire and the Carolina Panthers QB has been in a bad media spotlight for a couple of weeks.  However, Newton recently debuted on a SportsCenter ad that should get him some good press.

Like most of these commercials, I find this one to be extremely funny.  Newton is made for commercials and he is probably one of the most charismatic players in any sport.  He can do commercials until the end of time.  He just has that look and TV presence that companies love.

However, he is going to have to survive this season without looking like a prima donna.  The media circle has already started to close in on him a little bit and it has not been good.  People are starting to throw words like “selfish” around and that is not something that you want to have your young franchise QB dealing with on a daily basis.

Personally, I think Cam will be better off because of this season.  He is going to learn that not everything comes easy and some games are going to be struggles.  He has to attack it with a positive attitude.  If you let the lows drop you down to far, it has an impact on the team.  As the QB, you need to be a leader at every moment during the season.

We will see how the season turns out.  Hopefully this commercial is not the high point.


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