Hockey Player Jumps Through Glass After Celebrating Goal

Taylor Cox

Normally when the glass barrier between the rink and crowd breaks at a hockey game it’s because someone got pushed into it a little too hard. This time, it went a little different as a junior leauge hockey player broke the glass after celebrating a goal.

It was an Atlantic Junior Hockey League U-16 game on Saturday night between the New Jersey Junior Titans and the New Jersey Rockets in Farmingdale, NJ. Taylor Cox for the Titans had already scored once during the game so after goal number two he decided to jump into the glass out of excitement.

Only one little problem with his Lambeau-style leap, the glass shattered and he fell straight through to the other side. Luckily, it took only took a couple of seconds for Cox to stand up; the crowd realized he was not injured and went wild as the team congratulated him on his epic celebration

Even he continued to celebrate on his way back to the bench, making it even more obvious that the fall didn’t harm him. Clearly the game was delayed to clean up and replace the glass, the team then went on to win 4-1 and Cox’s video has now gone viral

His epic leap through the glass even made it on ESPN SportsCenter this weekend, which he was very proud of according to his twitter account. He may only be 15 but with his celebration fail has fully earned his 15 seconds of fame after his appearance on SportsCenter and over 280,000 YouTube views.