Ian Poulter Tries a "Happy Gilmore" Tee-Off at Ryder Cup

By Michael Collins
Brian Spurlock – US PRESSWIRE

The world of professional golf has long been thought of as a stuffy, conservative and subdued world – particularly at the tee-off. People associate a tee shot with whispering commentators and large wooden “QUIET PLEASE” signs.

But as the younger generation has begun to take over the sport, so has their exuberance and lack of real interest in the traditional aspects of the game. Nothing was more evident of this than at this past weekend’s Ryder Cup matches, when European golfer Ian Poulter was announced for his tee shot at morning matches of day two.

Rather than wait for the hush of the crowd, and the deafening silence of the wind and rustling leaves, Poulter looked over at the gallery and, in a scene right out of Happy Gilmore, raised his hand to signal to the crowd that he wanted the decibel level to increase.

As the crowed began to reach a peak of white noise, the familiar European futbol chant of “Oooooole, ole ole ole” began to break through, inevitably followed by the American fans trying to down out the folks from across the pond with the standard “U-S-A! U-S-A!” cheer.

Finally Poulter stepped to the tee and addressed the ball.

Unfortunately for Poulter, the encouragement of a raucous crowd didn’t have the same effect on his drive that it did on Adam Sandler’s Glimore character, as he hooked the ball over to the left side of the fairway and into the bunker.

Despite the poor outcome of the swing, it’s scenes like this that are making the Ryder Cup more enjoyable to watch each year, and that makes golf a more and more interesting sport to observe not only in person, but on T.V. as well.


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