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Jay Cutler Ignores Offensive Coordinator Mike Tice On Sideline


Dennis Wierzbicki-US PRESSWIRE

Apparently, Jay Cutler doesn’t want to ever be respected by the national media.  During the Chicago Bears game on Monday night, offensive coordinator Mike Tice wanted to sit down with Cutler and discuss some things.  The second this happened, Cutler stood up and walked away.  Another instance of him acting like a petulant trial.

There are going to multiple reactions to this but I can split them up into these categories.  There will be people that think Cutler should be forced to apologize for such an act.  There will be people who will whine that Cutler is mistreated and the media has it out for him.  Finally, there is a third category of people that simply do not care about Cutler’s actions.  I fall firmly into that one.

See, Cutler is a jerk and a bit of baby.  So are a lot of professional athletes.  We just hold Cutler to the fire more than any other player.  It might not be fair but it is what happens.  Do you know why it happens to him and not a guy like Aaron Rodgers?  Rodgers is probably as much of a jerk as Cutler, but Rodgers actually, you know, wins things.

People like guys that win.  Michael Jordan was a huge jerk and egotistical as they come.  No one cared because he brought home titles and won MVPs like they were going out of style.  If Cutler ever wins the big one, all of this stuff will vanish.  Until then, we will have this stuff to talk about.