Skateboarder Hits Deer At 2012 Buffalo Bill Downhill

By Riley Schmitt

I am going to start this post off by saying I know nothing about competitive skateboard racing.  However, it looks it could be fun if you were good at it.  This video comes to us from the Buffalo Bill Downhill and the reason it is so great is that a deer took out one of the skateboarders.

See, this is what makes this age of technology so great.  In the past, we would only hear stories about something like this.  Thanks to Youtube and other outlets, there is actually video of this guy getting taken out by a passing animal.  It probably hurt a bit at the time, but I think the rider was fine.

Better yet, the deer was uninjured as well.  You know how some people are these days.  If the deer was hurt, they would be enraged.  It would probably lead to them trying to ban skateboarding or something stupid, so we at least avoided that aspect of this.

How do you think it felt to be that guy riding his skateboard?  You are just sitting there cruising along and all of a sudden, you take a deer to the midsection.  Can’t be the most pleasant experience ever.  At least this guy is going to be internet famous for a little while.

I guess you never know what will happen when you do things outdoors.  Things tend to get weird when animals attack.  Luckily we escaped injury with this and we can all sit back and enjoy the stupidity of this.

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