Victoria's Secret Opens in Cowboys Stadium

By Tina Musial

Jerry Jones is having an image makeover lately. First, he makes fun of himself in a Monday Night Football commercial when he can’t figure out the remote controls to turn on the jumbo screen at Cowboys Stadium. The commercial made him seem human and likeable since everyone has problems with their remotes. Now, he is laughing all the way to the bank as his stadium is host to the very first Victoria’s Secret store inside of a professional sports stadium. Jones and lingerie? Of course!

Jones is actually a genius. Think of the many ways having a Victoria’s Secret store within a stadium is a brilliant idea.

– A wife/girlfriend/significant other is angry that her male counterpart is at the game. There aren’t any flower shops open on Sunday afternoons on the way home, so run in to the Victoria’s Secret store and buy her something she likes instead. (And not to mention the male gets the bonus of picking out lingerie he gets to look at too).

– There is a store that actually caters to the female figure who happens to be a football fan! Goodbye boxy t-shirts that are unflattering and hello form fitted v-necks, jerseys and burnout tees. Their PINK line was created a few years ago and featured t-shirts and jerseys of every professional team that flattered a woman’s figure. This was brilliance on the part of Victoria’s Secret and their designs are now available for all of the major sports teams, including the NFL, MLB, NBA, NCAA and NHL teams.

– Women are recognized as being fans in attendance of football games just as much as men. Imagine that.

The store opened on October 1st for a reason. First, it is the beginning of breast cancer awareness month, and the PINK brand also sells pink cancer ribbon items. Second, the NFL launched A Crucial Catch, the joint program with the American Cancer Society where players, coaches and fans wear pink all month to raise awareness of breast cancer and the pink ribbon. And last, the Dallas Cowboys are featured in the Monday night match up in prime time against the Chicago Bears, ensuring they have a huge crowd on hand to walk through the store.

Jones is one smart man finally realizing the needs of female football fans. Where will the second stadium Victoria’s Secret store be going?



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