David Cone Refers To Ichiro Suzuki's Bat As A Chopstick

By Riley Schmitt

I guess David Cone never passed a racial sensitivity class.  Tuesday night, the New York Yankees announcer was describing an Ichiro Suzuki bat when he did something he probably should not have.  Cone called the bat a “chopstick” which I am sure is going to go over well in the New York media.


I mean, this is just something that should never be said.  I know that Cone was not trying to be offensive with this phrase, but you have to watch what you say these days.  Every word out of your mouth can come back to bite you.  He probably harbors no ill will toward Asians, but using chopstick while talking about a Japanese player is not smart.

Expect to hear more about this in the coming days. It is not like the New York media has anything better to talk about.  Both football teams are struggling, the hockey teams are locked out, and the basketball team is a three ring circus.  Well, you could talk about the new basketball team, but that might take a bit of work.  Instead, this clip is going to get played a ton.

I hope that Cone apologizes either tonight or tomorrow morning.  I would assume that he meant no harm, but it is something that he should nip in the bud.  Of course, he should have never said the phrase, but it is too late to take it back now.  An apology does not change what was said, but it will certainly help him avoid some really nasty press.


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