Mark Cuban Dances To Gangnam Style At A Bar

Mark Cuban is probably the best owner in all of sports.  The Dallas Mavericks owner is not afraid to speak his mind on any topic and he enjoys having lots of fun.  Apparently Cuban is also a fan of the hit song “Gangnam Style” as this video was captured of him dancing along to the song in a bar.  It’s not the best dance in the world, but who cares?

At one time, I thought “Call Me Maybe” was going to be the song that we would find athletes and owners dancing awkwardly to.  ”Gangnam Style” decided to take that crown and this video is really, really funny.  Cuban looks like he might have had a few adult beverages during his bar adventure, hence the possible awkward dancing.

Good for Cuban.  He probably was not expecting this to ever show up on video, but it does show that he is not afraid to embrace the latest trends.  That is a man of the people right there.  If you can dance along to this song, you are certainly going to be liked by almost everyone.

If this does not set in stone Cuban’s title as best owner ever, I have no idea what will.  Unless you can find me an owner dancing along to this or singing karaoke to “Call Me Maybe”, I think Cuban is taking the cake.  The man wins and he has fun.  How many team owners do that these days?

Good for you Mark.  Hopefully this was not too embarrassing for you.



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