Which Postseason Process is the Best?

By Marc Jenkins
Which Postseason Process is the Best?
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No matter what sport it is the best time of the season is without question the playoffs; playoffs (in Jim Mora’s voice), yup the playoffs there is simply nothing like it. The hunt for a championship between the best teams in each league sends chills up the spines of the toughest of competitors and viewers.

The emotions and physical endurance that are used throughout a postseason run is unmatched by anything else that a regular season could possibly offer. Grant it the regular season is without question a lengthier process but the postseason makes players dig a little deeper and use parts of them they never knew they could.

With all that being said each league’s postseason process has intricacies and nuances that make them differ but in the end they are all the same and come down to one simple thing; winning a championship. As we gear up for the MLB playoffs to begin in just a few days I was pondering on which league produces the best and most enjoyable postseason. So now it’s time for me to provide the answer to that question based on deep thought and accompanied with accurate reasons to back why that one sports process gets the nod over the others.

And the winner is……….

……..the NBA.

It was very difficult to figure this one out because I truly enjoy all of the playoff experiences that each league provides, but it’s the Associations by a hair over the MLB, then the NHL and finally the NFL (I don’t like the bye week one bit and they lose points for it just being single elimination in my book, there’s nothing like a series, the better team always wins).

First off the NBA postseason rules supreme in my book over all because it is truly a second season (just as it is nicknamed), from mid-late April until the middle of June millions of viewers eyes are glued to television screeners across the country and even throughout the world. The MLB season begins right around that time but you can rest assure that even the biggest baseball fans in the world (I am proud to say I am one of them) are paying much more attention to what is taking place during the Association’s second season.

There are some people who say that the NBA postseason is too long and I think that whoever feels that way should have their head examined; how a lot of playoff games be a bad thing? I honestly want every series to go the maximum of seven games so that way there can be 105 total postseason games every season. If you have a problem with 105 playoff games then you must have a problem with sports.

Another reason that the NBA playoffs is the top dog is because of the extraordinary television coverage that it garners along with the amount of options that fans are given especially during the opening round. Each and every day of the postseason (until the Conference Finals) begin there are multiple games on television each and every night. There is no such thing as over-saturation of playoff games, the more the better. It’s truly a blessing when there is a lopsided game taking place and you are presented with the option to change the channel to another game that may be more competitive. How can any sports fan have an issue with that?

The format is another reason why the NBA postseason rules; they allow the top eight teams from each conference a fair opportunity to reach NBA immortality and win a championship. In the MLB they just extended it to five teams per league, but was four before then and for those of you that can remember before the 1995 season and its Wild Card inception there was just two teams per league. The NFL allows six into its postseason tournament but the bye week for two teams in each conference is a waste, why not add two additional teams per league, take away the bye and have more on-field action. The NHL has eight in each conference like the NBA and the NHL playoffs are extremely exciting but hey let’s face it the NHL isn’t the NBA.

That concludes my reasoning for preferring the NBA playoff format over any of the other leagues, if you feel any different please feel free to leave a comment and let the debate begin!

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