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Chris Stratton Pulls Down Interception Of The High School Season

Chris Stratton has to be the leader in the clubhouse for high school interception of the year. The senior DB for Temecula Chapparral High in California went up for an amazing one handed interception against Santa Fe High.  Fast forward to the one minute mark of the video to get to the good stuff.

Just take a look at that.  There are some NFL players that could not pull a play off like that.  This play came in a  46-0 rout, but it does not make it any less awesome.  Not only did he go up and make the one handed catch, he managed to tap both toes in.  Even though you only need one in high school, the second one makes it just a bit better.

There is no way that this play should have flown under the radar but a lot of people do not know anything about it.  I am sure there are kids making great plays all across high school games, but this play might just top them all.  It could be the best catch that we have seen at any level this year.

Hopefully Stratton is going to bring his talent to the college scene next year.  We need to see more plays from him, especially if they turn out like this.  There are some good players all across the country, but until they do something like this in a game, I think we have to give Stratton the nod for play of the year.  If you have something better, let us know in the comments.