Lingerie Football League Announcers Make Fun Of Referees, Claim Replacement Refs Are Back From NFL

By Riley Schmitt

When Lingerie Football League announcers are taking shots at how well you referee a game, you might want to find a new profession. Mark Newlove learned that the hard way, as the LFL announcers had some fun with his miscues during a game. In fact, they decided to fire the ultimate shot by claiming the replacement refs are back from the NFL. Ouch.

This video is actually one of the funniest things that I have seen.  When a league that prides itself on having women play football in their underwear is calling you out, that is great.  They are taking shots at the ref AND the NFL.  That is getting some bang for your buck right there.

Hopefully Newlove bounced back after his bad start.  When you forget what side the camera is on, that is not a good thing.  I don’t think the shots at his body build were necessary but they did build up to the ultimate insult.  I do not think Newlove reffed a game in the NFL, but that would simply be the cherry on top.

I really hope the LFL keeps taking shots like this all year.  They certainly capitalized on the Monday Night Football debacle by saying they fired refs for incompetence.  That was a good way to get some positive pub and make people tune into their games.  I mean, the whole women in lingerie should have been enough but the NFL boost probably did not hurt.

Yep, listening to this video on repeat today.

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