New York Jets Need to Sign Big 3

By ryanmasters
The Star Ledger- US PRESSWIRE

The New York Jets are the most talked about team in the NFL and they are only a .500 team. They already lost their best player in Darrell Revis and now are without their main receiver in Santonio Holmes. The Jets are a flawed team and are not going to win many more games this season. They should focus their attention on getting as much attention from the media that they can. It seems like that was their main goal anyways when they acquired Tim Tebow. This will maximize their revenue and they can focus on turning the roster around next year.

With all of their struggles at quarterback from Mark Sanchez, the talks of Tebow are starting to heat up. Tebow is not a better quarterback but he is certainly a better option when trying to interest fans. How are they going to do this? I think they should go all out for this year and sign Terrell Owens, Plaxico Burress, and Chad Johnson to one year deals. How exciting would that be regardless of who is playing quarterback?

That is must see television. It may sound like a ridiculous idea but the Jets have nothing to lose. This season is a lost cause for them and those three receivers might actually be an upgrade at the position despite being past their primes.

What is the downside of this scenario? Jets end up with a losing record and Rex Ryan loses his job? That seems like it could be a likely option regardless of the decision the Jets make. Ryan does not seem to have control of his locker room anymore so this could be it for him. He has always liked the attention and acquiring TO, Plax, and Ocho would bring him into the spotlight.

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