San Diego Charges Use Peyton Manning to Sell Tickets

By Tina Musial

It’s a new form of two for one shopping deals. You don’t actually get two for a bargain basement price, but you have to buy a second in order to get the first. Huh? The San Diego Chargers are rolling out a scheme to sell tickets to their upcoming games by using the opposing team!

See, the Chargers have a big Monday night game coming up against the Denver Broncos with Peyton Manning at quarterback. Everyone around the country wants a first hand glimpse of Manning in his return to football, right? So the Chargers are making the fans – theirs included – who want to come to that big Monday night game also buy tickets to the Thursday night game in November where they play the Kansas City Chiefs. If you don’t buy tickets to the Chargers against the Chiefs, you don’t get any tickets to see Manning and the Broncos play either. Let’s call it a Two-Pack Promotion so it sounds fair.

Now, the tickets aren’t discounted like a true two for one deal. You get to pay full price for both games. Is this a fair practice that teams can enforce in order to sell tickets to games with little hype, especially towards the end of the year when a record might stink? Or does this sound like a way to gouge fans so they have to pay up more in order to see the popular games and more popular players? Creative marketing, yes. Are the San Diego fans caught over a barrel, yes.

For the teams, it makes sense because the more tickets they sell, the more revenue they have coming in obviously. But to use another team’s player, like Manning, to push tickets to your own game? It seems a bit tacky. “Come on down to beautiful and sunny San Diego where you can watch the Bronco’s star quarterback, IF you buy tickets to see the Chiefs…” Really?

It isn’t right. And to make fans buy a ticket to a Thursday night game so it sells out and can be nationally televised is silly.  But then again, viewers equal revenue and everything in football has now come down to the bottom line.


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