What Is The Most Difficult Single-Season Feat To Accomplish In Sports?

By Marc Jenkins

Throughout the lengthy history of sports there have been several single-season feats that seem extremely difficult to accomplish. All sports have at least one, while some sports have multiple feats that leave others scratching their heads attempting to figure out how did that athlete pulled that one off. With Detroit Tigers slugger Miguel Cabrera currently attempting to win the American League Triple Crown (at time of publishing Cabrera led the AL in batting average, homeruns and runs batted-in) I thought to myself; what is the most difficult single-season feat to accomplish in all of sports? I have created a list of all of the extremely complicated achievements and selected one as the most difficult of them all to accomplish, hope you enjoy.

-Winning a Triple Crown in the MLB

If Cabrera does manage to win the Triple Crown, he would be just the 16th player in MLB history to do so and the first since Carl Yastrzemski accomplished it in 1967.

-Batting .400 in the MLB

Yes baseball has two feats, because the two are equally difficult. It has been done 28 times in the history of the sport, but not since 1941 when Ted Williams hit .406.

PGA Grand Slam

This rare accomplishment has happened just one time in the PGA’s almost century of existence, back in 1930 when Bobby Jones managed to win all four of golf’s major tournaments (U.S. Open, the MastersPGA Championship and the British Open which is now simply called The Open).

-WTA Grand Slam

Similar to the PGA Grand Slam, the WTA Grand Slam has only been pulled off by one person, Rod Laver. Laver managed to win all four of tennis’ major tournaments (U.S. OpenWimbledonAustralian Open and French Open) in a single-season twice, once in 1962 and then again in 1969. There has never been a female tennis player to accomplish this feat.

-Rushing for 2,000 yards in the NFL

Rushing for 1,000 yards in a single-season is the gold standard that NFL running backs are measured with, but to double that places a running back in a totally different category. It has only been done six times in the NFL’s 92 years of existence with last time coming in 2009 by Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson.

-Averaging a Triple-Double in the NBA

This remarkable accomplishment has happened just one time in the NBA’s 65-year history and that happened during the 1961-62 season when Oscar Robertson averaged 30.8 points, 12.5 rebounds and 11.4 assists per game over a span of 79 games. No one besides Robertson (fell .3 assists per game short in 1960-61, .5 rebounds short in 1962-63 and .1 rebounds short in 1963-64) has even come close to accomplishing this feat in the 50 plus years that he pulled it off. Can it even be done again? My guess is no because there will never be a player who was so well-rounded like the Big O to enter the NBA again.

-The Winners is………

Now that the list is completed, it’s time to choose one as the most difficult and in my mind it is without question averaging a triple-double throughout an entire NBA season. Just recording one triple-double in a game is an accomplishment that is celebrated, five in a single-season and you’re considered the man. Just think about Robertson recording 41 during that season and maintaining all three statistics throughout all 79 games in which he played that season, simply remarkable.

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