Liam Neeson's Sportscenter Interview is Awkward

By Tina Musial
Ed Mulholland-US PRESSWIRE

The researchers who bring guests on to ESPN’s Sportscenter didn’t do their homework enough this week. Actor Liam Neeson appeared on the show in an effort to promote his movie Taken 2, which he has been publicizing all over the city lately. However, the interviewer must have thought Liam was on the show to talk sports, because, after all, it IS a sports show.

The only problem with that is that Neeson is NOT a big US sports fan. On a different talk show, Kelly & Michael, just the day before, Neeson admitted he didn’t care for sports very much. He said he is on location a lot and acting and his kids are the focal part of his life. Neeson also said he has only been to two football games in his life and one was the New York Jets game where he was pictured above.

Did Sportscenter think he was a regular to the Meadowlands since he was wearing the Jets hat and standing in the stadium? Apparently so! Neeson was asked some questions about the Jets and he looked baffled as to what to say. They brought him in on the quarterback controversy brewing between Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow. When asked what he though about Tebow, Neeson replied, “You’re speaking ancient Arabic to me.”

There was some chuckling and then a pause. Since Neeson isn’t a sports fan, it is probably safe to say he doesn’t watch Sportscenter very often and doesn’t know that it is a live show. LIVE.

Oops. That would be the reason why he asked if they could start over when he fumbled over the questions. The awkward pause. Then he realized they were live and uttered an oh, sh@!. He looked uncomfortable and like he would rather be on any planet except for the interview chair. Poor guy.

Better luck next time, researchers!


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