The 100 Hottest Pictures Of Cheerleaders Across All Sports

Here are the 30 hottest female athletes to follow on Twitter.

One hot picture of a cheerleader from every NFL team.

Check out these 20 hot daughters from the sports world.

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(Matthew Emmons/USA Today Sports)

I am not going to lie about this. Cheerleaders might be some of the best features that sports have. There is nothing wrong with adding beautiful women to sports. It is like the cherry on top of an amazing ice cream sundae.

Since I like all of you so much, I decided to give you 101 pictures of cheerleaders from all sorts of sports. I will get this out there right now, I may have duplicates of cheerleaders and a lot of these pictures do not have names. Sorry, but that's an issue for the photo company. If you do know the names, let me know and I can add them in for all of you. I tried to make up for it by adding pictures that include more than one cheerleader. Consider it a gift from me to you.

Anyways, that should take care of all the weird stuff that you might see about this. Can't have you all distracted before you start looking through this grouping of photos. That just would not be fair to anyone involved. Your full attention should be focused on the beautiful women that you are about to see. The cheerleaders come from football and basketball. They are mainly professional but you will find some college cheerleaders as well. Have to take a look at some future prospects.

I think I have talked enough and you should all start looking through these photos. Seriously. I put a lot of time into this so you should all enjoy. Then again, a lot of you will probably disagree. Either way, let us know in the comment section of this post.

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100. Michigan Wolverines Cheerleaders

(Bob Donnan/USA Today Sports)

Michigan is one of those schools that is lucky enough to have both a good football and basketball team--which means the cheerleaders always have plenty to cheer about.

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99. Houston Dynamo Cheerleaders

(Jerome Mirone/USA Today Sports)

In case you were unaware, the Houston Dynamo is part of the MLS--and their cheerleaders are absolutely gorgeous.

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98. Miami Hurricanes Cheerleaders

(Steve Mitchell/USA Today Sports)

For a school that was always known for their football program, Miami's basketball program has been on the rise over the last couple of years.

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97. South Dakota State Jackrabbits Cheerleaders

(Rick Osentoski/USA Today Sports)

Their basketball team may not be as competitive as some of the other big-named schools in college basketball, but South Dakota State has some beautiful cheerleaders rooting for them from the sidelines.

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96. LSU Tigers Cheerleaders

(Nelson Chenault/USA Today Sports)

As long as Les Miles is around as head coach, LSU is always going to be strong contenders for the national title in college football.

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95. Louisville Cardinals Cheerleaders

(Jamie Rhodes/USA Today Sports)

Not only has Louisville been known for having a strong basketball program, but the football team has worked their way up the college football ranks over the last couple of years.

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94. Iowa State Cheerleaders

(Matthew Emmons/USA Today Sports)

Another school that is lucky enough to have both a solid football and basketball program, Iowa State fans always have plenty to cheer about.

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93. Denver Nuggets Cheerleaders

(USA Today Sports)

When it comes to some of the best looking cheerleaders in the NBA, the lovely ladies of the Denver Nuggets are right up near the top with the rest of them.

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92. Wyoming Cowboys Cheerleaders

(Troy Babbitt/USA Today Sports)

If you weren't a fan of the Wyoming Cowboys before, you should be now considering how beautiful their cheerleaders are.

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91. Oregon State Beavers Cheerleaders

(Steve Dykes/USA Today Sports)

The Pac-12 is always one of the most competitive conferences in sports and year after year--Oregon State's name is always thrown in the mix of a team to keep an eye on.

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90. Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders

(Daniel Shirey/USA Today Sports)

Over the last couple of years, the Atlanta Falcons have emerged as one of the top teams in the NFC and that doesn't seem like it's going to stop anytime soon.

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89. Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders

(Jim Brown/USA Today Sports)

The Tennessee Titans have one of the league's most talented running backs in Chris Johnson and they hope everything works out with Jake Locker as their quarterback.

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88. Florida Gators Cheerleaders

(Christopher Hanewickel/USA Today Sports)

No matter what year it is, the Florida Gators are always considered one of the teams to beat in the SEC--which is why they're one of the most popular colleges in the country.

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87. Oklahoma City Thunder Cheerleaders

(Derick E. Hingle/USA Today Sports)

With one of the league's best duos in Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, the Oklahoma City Thunder will have plenty to cheer about for years to come.

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86. Sam Houston State Bearkats Cheerleaders

(Jerome Miron/USA Today Sports)

No, that is not a mistake--Sam Houston State spells Bearkats with a K instead of a C.

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85. Texas Tech Red Raiders Cheerleaders

(Jerome Miron/USA Today Sports)

Texas has always been known for their football and the Texas Tech Red Raiders always provide their fans with great football to follow each season.

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84. Phoenix Suns Cheerleaders

(Jennifer Stewart/USA Today Sports)

As bad as it sounds, the cheerleaders for the Phoenix Suns may be the best thing about the team at the moment.

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83. Cleveland Cavaliers Cheerleaders

(David Richard/USA Today Sports)

They may have been going through rebuilding mode since LeBron James joined the Miami Heat, but the Cleveland Cavaliers may have a bright future ahead of them with a young squad of talented players.

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82. Carolina Panthers Cheerleaders

(Bob Donnan/USA Today Sports)

The Carolina Panthers have been slowly emerging into contenders and that should be the case once again next season as Cam Newton heads into his third season as the starting quarterback.

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81. Minnesota Timberwolves Cheerleaders

(Bruce Kluckhohn/USA Today Sports)

The Minnesota Timberwolves have a young team that has been under the radar over the last couple of seasons and they're lucky enough to have one of the league's top players in Kevin Love.

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80. Denver Broncos Cheerleaders

(Chris Humphreys/USA Today Sports)

The Denver Broncos emerged as one of the top teams in the AFC last year and now that Peyton Manning seems to be fully recovered--expect this team to be even stronger in 2013.

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79. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders

(Steve Mitchell/USA Today Sports)

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have showed plenty of potential over the last couple of seasons and it will be interesting to see how well this team does in 2013.

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78. UNLV Rebels Cheerleaders

(Josh Holmberg/USA Today Sports)

UNLV is one of those teams that you just love to root for when they reach the NCAA Tournament and hope they can manage to pull off the upset.

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77: Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders

Steve Mitchell US PRESSWIRE

Gotta love the Dolphins.

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76. Arizona Wildcats Cheerleaders

(Rick Scuteri/USA Today Sports)

For a school that has always been known for having a strong basketball team, the Arizona Wildcats have seen their football program improve over the last couple of years.

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75. Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders

(Matt Kartozian/USA Today Sports)

The Arizona Cardinals play in one of the toughest divisions in football and it's been a couple of years since they've had a contending team to cheer for.

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74. St. Louis Rams Cheerleaders

(Kirby Lee/USA Today Sports)

The St. Louis Rams hope this is the year that Sam Bradford finally emerges as one of the league's top quarterbacks.

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73. Houston Rockets Cheerleaders

(Troy Taormina/USA Today Sports)

With James Harden on board, the Houston Rockets should be contenders in the Western Conference over the next couple of years.

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72. New England Patriots Cheerleaders

(David Butler II/USA Today Sports)

The New England Patriots have had plenty to be thankful for over the years as Tom Brady as made this team strong contenders each season he's been under center.

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71. New Orleans Pelicans Cheerleaders

(Chuck Cook/USA Today Sports)

The New Orleans Pelicans have a young team that appear to be another year or two away from becoming contenders.

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70. Southern Jaguars Cheerleaders

(Steven Dykes/USA Today Sports)

If you didn't know who the Southern Jaguars were before, you should certainly start following them now.

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69. Tennessee Titans Cheerleader


Hot and in great shape? We have ourselves a winner.

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68. Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Part 3


Cowboys fans are so lucky.

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67. Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader


More NFC east flavor on deck.

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66. Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Part 4


Our run on Cowboys cheerleaders comes to an end....for now.

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65. UCONN Cheerleader

Michael Ivins US PRESSWIRE

From the pros down to the college ranks. Still a winner in my book.

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64. BYU Cheerleaders


Why do all the hot girls go to BYU?

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63. UCONN Cheerleaders

Michael Ivins US PRESSWIRE

Like I keep saying, more is better than less.

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62. Northwestern Wildcats Cheerleader


Someone should really cheer her up.

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61. CSU Rams Cheerleader


Smaller schools can still pump out the cheerleaders.

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60. Ohio State Buckeyes Cheerleaders


Action shots rule.

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59. CSU Rams Cheerleader Part 2


Always have to love a sequel.

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58. Virginia Cavaliers Cheerleader


A little ACC action never hurt anyone.

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57. Michigan Wolverines Cheerleaders


Win or lose, they are still cute.

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56. Washington Huskies Cheerleaders

Joe Nicholson US PRESSWIRE

Washington is on the rise this year. So are their cheerleaders.

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55. Louisville Cardinals Cheerleader


She certainly loves football.

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54. Utah Utes Cheerleaders

Russ Isabella US PRESSWIRE

That mascot is so lucky.

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53. Temple Owls Cheerleader


Starting to run out of things to say here.

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52. California Golden Bears Cheerleader


At least she won't lose her job this year.

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51. Temple Owls Cheerleader Part 2


An action shot can never be a bad thing.

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50. Oregon State Beavers Cheerleader

Jaime Valdez

Come on guys, we are halfway done!

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49. Kansas Jayhawks Cheerleader


Does she have a decided schematic advantage?

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48. Clemson Tigers Cheerleaders


The ACC never disappoints.

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47. Tennessee Volunteers Cheerleader


Go Vols!

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46. TCU Horned Frogs Cheerleaders


At least the cheerleaders are not getting arrested.

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45. Tennessee Volunteers Cheerleader Part 2


Side angle. Works for me.

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44. TCU Horned Frogs Cheerleaders Part 2


Group sequels!

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43. Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleaders Part 2


Like I said. Sequels rule.

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42. Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader

Brace Hemmelgarn US PRESSWIRE

Christian Ponder approves of this.

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41. Houston Texans Cheerleader

Thomas Campbell US PRESSWIRE

Sometimes a single is better than a group.

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40. Denver Broncos Cheerleader


Is this why Peyton Manning went to Denver?

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39. Oakland Raiders Cheerleader


AFC West battle right now.

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38. Clemson Tigers Cheerleaders Part 2


Back to the college grind!

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37. Cincinnati Bearcats Cheerleaders


More action shots!

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36. Sam Houston State Cheerleaders


Small schools still have some fine looking ladies.

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35. Seattle Seahawks Cheerleaders

Joe Nicholson US PRESSWIRE

Maybe these girls distracted the refs on Monday night.

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34. Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader Part 2


City of Brotherly Love is doing a great job.

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33. Buffalo Bills Cheerleaders

Timothy Ludwig US PRESSWIRE

Buffalo has to cheer for something, right?

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32. New England Patriots Cheerleaders


Troy Brown's picture is so lucky.

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31. San Francisco 49ers Cheerleader


This will work.

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30. Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders


The ATL has some good looking girls.

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29. Virginia Tech Hokies Cheerleader


She must like Beamer ball.

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28. Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders Part 2


As I was saying earlier, I like the ATL.

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27. Rice Owls Cheerleader


Small schools for the win.

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26. Nevada Wolfpack Cheerleader


Bet a lot of people want her to join their wolfpack. That's a horrible pun but I'm using it.

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25. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Cheerleader

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24. Michigan Wolverines Cheerleader Part 2

Brian Spurlock US PRESSWIRE

Go Big Blue!

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23. Utah Utes Cheerleaders Part 2

Matt Kartozian US PRESSWIRE

Someone needs to cheer these girls up.

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22. Michigan Wolverines Cheerleader Part 3

Brian Spurlock US PRESSWIRE

The Michigan finale is quite nice.

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21. Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Part 2

Steve Mitchell US PRESSWIRE

Call Me Maybe?

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20. Indianapolis Colts Cheerleader

Brian Spurlock US PRESSWIRE

Andrew Luck has to like what he sees.

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19. Washington Redskins Cheerleader


Closing in on the finish line!

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18. Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Part 5


Told you we'd be going back to Dallas.

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17. Washington Redskins Cheerleader Part 2


NFC East battle right now.

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16. Denver Broncos Cheerleader Part 2


No wonder why people like Denver so much.

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15. Seattle Seahawks Cheerleaders Part 2


Seattle is nice when it's not raining, I guess.

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14. Denver Broncos Cheerleader Part 3


More action shots!

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13. Arkansas Razorbacks Cheerleader


Get rid of the dude on the right and this would be even better.

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12. Denver Broncos Cheerleader Part 4


Getting ever closer to the Top 10.

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11. Colorado Buffaloes Cheerleader


I revise my previous statement. No wonder why people love COLORADO so much.

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10. Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

Matthew Emmons US PRESSWIRE

Finally hit the top 10!

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9. UCLA Bruins Cheerleader


Pac 12 represent!

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8. Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Part 2

Matthew Emmons

Can never have too many Dallas cheerleaders.

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7. Denver Broncos Cheerleader Part 5


Thank you Denver. Thank you.

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6. San Francisco 49ers Cheerleader Part 2


Only five left after this beauty.

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5. Houston Texans Cheerleader Part 2

Troy Taormina US PRESSWIRE

Texas can pump out the cheerleaders.

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4. Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader Part 3

Jeffrey Pittenger US PRESSWIRE

Good showing from the NFC East in this.

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3. Houston Texans Cheerleaders Part 2

Troy Taormina US PRESSWIRE

Who will crack the top two?

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2. Colorado Buffaloes Cheerleader Part 2


Nice showing by the college girls in this.

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1. Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Part 6

Matthew Emmons US PRESSWIRE

We have finally reached the end of our journey. I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I did putting this together.

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  • Big White Buffalo

    Not one of the USC cheerleaders?
    Now I know this survey is bogus!

    • Farva55

      ^into dudes

  • Steve Lane

    Most of these women are flat out ugly. I’d rather have a random college girl from the stands. Not impressed.

    • Farva55

      ^into dudes

      • Ross Ogden


    • Ross Ogden

      I wouldn’t get your panties all in a wad about it. You’ll never ‘have’ a random college girl, much less any of these ugly cheerleaders. Douche.

      • Steve Lane

        No, seriously, they’re nasty. You can have them.

        • BOB

          i:ll take em… you really dont dig chicks huh?

          • Steve Lane

            I definitely don’t dig ugly chicks.

          • gmath55

            Steve Lanes into guys. That’s ok Steve you can be closet gay.

    • daffy duck


  • Sean Dawkins

    a pretty screwed up talent when someone manages to make cheerleader pics one of the most boring things on the internet. bravo.

    • Carolyn Miller

      dern!! that was way harsh. funny as he11, but harsh.

  • Farva55

    Unlike a few of the commentors…I like girls. That is all.

    • Bob Bigglesworth

      So do I, that’s why I married a woman. But when you make a list of the “Hottest” cheerleaders, I’m expecting 9s and 10s, not 6s and 7s. Some of us men have tastes and just don’t drool over the first set of T&A that cross our path.

      • SportsGenius705

        I bet your wife is around a 2.5.

        • Bob Bigglesworth

          I bet you jack off into a sock with a face painted on it, but my original point still stands.

          • SportsGenius705

            Sometimes a sock is needed. No face though…although you gave me a good idea.

            Sweet last name by the way- is your brothers name Bilbo?

          • Bob Bigglesworth

            No, but I think I was a cat in another life.

          • SportsGenius705

            That’s cool. I think you’re an idiot in this one.

          • Bob Bigglesworth

            Feelings mutual, but just to clarify, I believe you missed the reference.

          • Polyphemos

            Bob, you actually expected, on a SPORTS blog, somebody to get the Dr. EVIL reference? Anyway, I agree with you. Many very pretty faces, but a lot of Firestones on the bods. Then, again, where would we be without plastic? – not to mention cotton and long string polymers. … wait.. I AM on a sports blog.. OH, GOD! now I’ve gone and done it. The order of the universe has just reversed.. I just wanted to look a few cute chicks, and now..

          • Eddie Coyle


  • Ty Rada

    Where were the Oregon Ducks Cheerleaders? They rank up with the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders for 1 and 2.

    • SportsGenius705

      mmmmm. Oregon.

    • Unreal Uknow

      I said the same thing along with USC. Both football teams have the best looking cheerleaders every year.

  • Don

    I guess whoever edited this thing has never seen the USC songleaders.

  • Kilgore Trout

    List should be titled:
    The 100 Ugliest Cheerleaders Across All Sports

  • Bob Bigglesworth

    Most of these women are very attractive. I do however, have two complaints. One, the same picture was used twice in this list(you really couldn’t find more pictures of cheerleaders?) and two, while like I said above, most of these woman are attractive, but this is a list of “The ‘Hottest’ cheerleaders across all sports”. I’m sorry but if this is the best you can come up with, you didn’t try hard enough. Most of the cheerleaders I knew in HS and college were much more attractive than this. And like I responded to Farva55 below, most mature men(who have been with women), have tastes and standards. When you make a list of “The HOTTEST CHEERLEADERS ACROSS ALL SPORTS”, i’m expecting 9s and 10s, not 6s and 7s. And I’m sorry if I don’t drool at EVERY set of T&A that comes across my path.

    • Jeff

      Seriously? You think most of these women are attractive? I think most of them look like something I’ve scraped off the bottom of my shoe after walking in my dog’s run on the side of my house.

      • Chas Holman

        Why so mean? All of these girls are SOMEONES daughter. Asides from makeup choices and a few ridiculous costumes, all these girls looked healthy, happy and more than attractive. Although some could afford to put on a few lbs.

        • sickofyou

          This is a typical reply from some loser that has been rejected by some woman that he and others have found attractive. His next post will be to reassure us that he has had more than his fair share of really beautiful women, you know, the kind that make super models look ugly. Jeff is full of what he claims to scrape of his shoe.

          • Eddie Coyle

            Yeah, a lot of hate in his screed too.

        • KHS

          I hope that guy (Jeff) does not have a wife or daughters. With his attitude about women, their life must be hell. While they may not be super hot, these cheerleaders are all very nice, healthy all-American girls. Many are marriage material (too bad I’m too old). And even if they were ugly, they still are human beings and deserve human dignity. Jeff, what would be your reaction if someone said such a disgusting thing about your mother?

      • jaren

        thats actually really fucked up

        • daffy duck

          No, it is NOT, you A-hole!

      • Lightning Bolt


      • Carl White

        Jeff, with no picture because he is so damn good looking any picture would blind you, only bangs supermodels and even then he is very, very picky.
        Everyone on the Internet should be thankful that he could even find the time, with so many gorgeous women trying to get a piece of him, to give his opinion on the pictures of women in an article titled, “The 100 Hottest Pictures of Cheerleaders Across All Sports”.
        Jeff is not just some sad lonely guy in that articles like this even catch
        his eye, he was simply here because he wanted to see how many of the women he had pleasured until he realized this group of women are
        obviously not hot enough to have ever even had the presence of his
        Jeff when they write the article, “The 100 Biggest Douchebags on the Internet”, I feel pretty good you will make the list.

        • Woody

          Carl you forgot that the supermodels he bangs are also virgins that had been waiting for him…………..Of course there was his mother too.

      • elvira walker

        Wow! It’s your perogative not to like something, but, why be so mean. Why not just keep it to yourself. I know why, because it would eat you up. That’s what meaness does.

      • Deno Lorenzo

        Look in the mirror and tell us if you think you or one of your kids are better looking?

      • AugustineThomas

        HAHAHAHA. Yea. The women you watch on TV are so much hotter. Am I right? You’d NEVER watch these women on TV..

      • Red Salamander

        Jeff, I’m an old man, but what do you look like? What is your problem?

    • elvira walker

      Well, at least, you were kinder than Jeffie boy.

      • Bob Bigglesworth

        I didnt mean to be unkind. To be honest, i enjoy women of all shapes, sizes, colors and creeds. I just enjoy women in general. :-). But, and this is just to put it in another way, if i’m making a list of the 100 fastest cars. Im not going to put a stock Nissan Maxima on there. And i do love me the Nissan Maxima.

  • Guest

    get a pair of glasses ….HOT IT’S NOT

  • observantman

    not really ethnically diversified.

    • Farva55

      Oh Gosh- here we go. Another racist idiot who is going to complain.

  • k4u1963

    They call these hot? I was in Ukraine for 2 months. I can testify that the average woman walking down the street there blows these girls out of the water! Put them on the street in Ukraine and they’re a 3 or 4 at best. No one will look at them or even notice them.

    • Eddie Coyle

      Slavs start off with really high cheekbones. It gets better from there!

  • Albert Pike

    out of the first ten broads there was one worth looking at.
    other than that pretty boring article

  • Dolmance

    I recently saw this series of photographs on the Net of a bunch of cheerleaders, at least I think they were cheerleaders, because of the way they were dressed, who had their legs spread and their ankles behind their ears, with sex toys stuck in their vaginas. Seriously, those photos were way, way, way more hotter than these.

    Just sayin’.

    • Eddie Coyle

      uh, that is called “porn”. We know it is there, there is a difference.

  • acs1949

    No surprise that one of my Dallas Cowgirls came in first! Three cheers for the hottest “rah-rah girls” in pro sports!!

  • acs1949

    My girls from Dallas got 6 PHOTOS in a list of “100 hottest”! Guess that says it all about whose cheerleaders are the hottest in anybody’s league!

  • Indie UrbanMusic
  • Anthony Frattin

    Am I being punk’d here?

  • Oneyeopn

    You didn’t even get the teams all labeled correctly…the one that sticks out freshest in my mind is #6…you call her a San Fran 49er cheerleader when her belt buckle definitely says “Jets”

  • nmgene

    Now some of these girls were not attractive but the majority were pretty hot. Most of you complaining couldnt get one of these babes to even talk to you. Your just jealous because your girlfriends are fat and ugly and you know youll never get anything better.

    • 7765

      AND, DON’T FORGET EVERYTHING CHANGES. The hottest cheerleader I knew in HS was soooo cute and even talked to me and we even danced one time… Now she out weighs me and is missing some teeth…. The poor slob she was married to killed himself. Did I miss anything here? doubt it…

  • wlexxx

    actually a lot of them are not pretty, though they all do have sculpted bodies of course..

  • MP

    The Texas Tech girls are beautiful.

  • Logical_Chris


  • Unreal Uknow

    A) The author definitely prefers blondes. B) How in the world did he omit the USC and the Oregon Ducks football cheerleaders consistently the most beautiful cheerleaders in sports across the board. Shameful.

  • CarbonaNotGlue

    Move along, nothing to see here. These are totally random pictures .. not any kind of “hottest” list.

  • MauiShadow

    “pretty” cheerleaders sure, but not one of those photos is “hot” in any way. Most of them are just photos of forced plastic smiles. There’s a huge difference between pretty and hot… these photos weren’t even pretty hot.

    • Carson Steele

      your gay!

      • MauiShadow

        First of all moron, it would be “you’re gay” not “your gay.”
        Secondly, not that I have to explain my sexual preference to you, but I love real women with real smiles and real body parts. These women have made themselves into “products”. I bet your only sexual experience is whacking it to plastic porn. Real women probably never even notice you exist. Must be a sad and lonely life.

  • captaindandan

    Hey MAN, what happened to the U.S.C. “World Famous” Song Girls ???
    Whats a matter for you??

  • Cherub Rock

    Not one picture to represent the U of O?

  • Joe D

    Are you kidding me? Not one USC cheerleader!!!! Best uniform with the best looking girls.

  • Jeff

    95% of the women pictured here are FUGLY !!!!!!

  • Jeff

    Ummmmmm …… Laker girls ??????

  • Jim

    LSU wins hands down but the “Beavers” are awfully good too.

  • gmath55

    To many ads on this web site! bad enough they have stupid ads on TV. Now, they are putting them all over the internet! But, most of the women are good looking. You ever see the women on craigslist! A whole lot of BBW’s. OMG.

  • RickM

    What do you expect from 16 year olds?

  • Scarred by life

    A lot of Blonde Hair, Blue Eyed girls as if they are the only ones that are attractive. Lets get some diversity! I quit looking after 83 (Cleveland cavaliers)

  • ajamandadam


  • John Ross

    #62, Northwestern Wildcats Cheerleader, has, like a double chin, and she looks like her dog just died. Seriously?

  • James Donahue

    Too many Whities and not nuf Darkies

  • James Donahue

    #1 is the only “HOT” one. followed by # 14.

  • mb

    I’ve never been into the cheerleader thing. Most of these college girls already have tons of plastic!

  • CyncialOne

    !Could this be the spammiest website ever? Yes it certainly could be!

  • SeenaGoodhead

    Unfortunately, Many Teams Cover their Pretty Girls Up Way Too Much! They work hard getting and Staying In Shape let them Show it.. Show their Dance Moves as well.. And you complain about the Hooters Girls? Hypocrites !

  • Layne Staley

    The person selecting these pictures is obsessed with bleach bottle hair and silicon bolt-ons.

  • alleycat22

    I’m just shocked you used the word shocked in your teaser!! You’re like Huff and Puff post!! Oh Hype me up!!!

  • 7765

    I have never understood the function of “cheerleader”. Are they supposed to help the team win… be eye candy for fans, be the spoils if the team wins ( e.g. do you get to rape the opponents cheerleaders if you win…. kinda like you do when you win a war), or what? Sadly, the whole thing has evolved from what was a fun school girl activity into a more raw sexual thing… When are the pro teams going to be installing the stripper poles on the sidelines? ADVICE: If you are a woman and have any self esteem you will avoid this activity.

  • oldcap

    Let’s see now.
    Looking through the photos, there seems to a standard of beauty that stands out – blond hair, blue eyes, and white skin.

    • Eddie Coyle

      Tiger Wood’s criteria.

  • Qual Conner

    #48 Clemson cheerleader on the left is a dude unless she’s wearing a cup.

  • John DeChiara

    So where is the shock? You lying bastards will do anything to get people to click on you advertising. Jerks.

  • Stupid Fkucing Dickslesic

    More horseshit SHOCKING pictures from RANTinmyPANTS

  • JMorcan

    Lying bastards.

  • BOB

    yesir id like two to go please :):):)

  • Lee Jamison

    Subtly pornographic that is legal in our overly religious society.

  • Bruin Brad

    A lot of pretty girls, but hardly anything shocking.

    • Eddie Coyle

      most accurate post today.

  • Ashley

    Who cares? Beauty is only skin deep. They will all be wrinkled up and old soon.

  • Will Andrew

    I have to clear my history for this?

  • Big Ed

    What’s with the “you will be shocked” in the headline?

  • Sandy Campbell

    Why are most of these pictures in this slideshow stretched horizontally?

  • badleg60

    Wow…I’m shocked.Not!

  • OncealwaysaMarine

    This is silly. Somebody got paid for this? Looks like Riley Schmitt just gathered a bunch of cheerleader photos off the internet, then put a “100 hottest” headline on it.

  • EdG1955

    Where are the hot pictures of cheerleaders? These photos are not even lukewarm.

  • Anna Dorn

    fake blondes and borderline brunettes that crave attention. Joke Joke Stereotypical And you know that you guys just eat it up. Where are my explotational pictures of male physique?

    • Eddie Coyle

      most people like attention, it is a human trait. so is jealousy.

  • joules48084

    Every NFL team??!! I didn’t see any in this list from the Steelers. Maybe it’s just me, but I thought the purpose of the NFL was to play football; not to offer distractions. And, despite their self-inflicted wounds this year, the Steelers organization is engaged in playing FOOTBALL!! I don’t watch football games for the cheerleaders (however cute), I see them for the purpose of watch a man’s game!

  • UpInYou

    Butt hole patrol.

  • j40bob

    No USC Song Girls? Each one is incredibly pretty and though they don’t show cleavage, those uniforms are as sexy as can be.

  • KJ

    I cannot understand the “Shocking” part of the baiting headline, that was used. How can Pics of Cheerleaders that one can see every weekend, be shocking to anyone ?

  • Secret_Treaties

    I’ve had sex with every one of them

  • Dale Farrow

    they all look cute any one not seeing the beauty in these women are stuck on their mother, goat, she males, or some thing that makes them seem less of a man to be so critical .


    So basically, all cheerleaders are hot. Cause you showed pretty much every team across every sport.

  • Lacosta Lever

    there all hot bt wheres here boobs lol

  • Ken Barber

    These women are quite good looking !! The original headline said “SHOCKING PHOTOS”, nothing shocking about really good looks.

  • John DeChiara

    Very misleading title. Where is he shock? Anything for you liars to get people to click on your lying articles.

  • disqus_CRpDJlZsXP

    Yall can Go an see better!

  • mannymota34

    Too many face shots, not enough full body. And also too may shots cut off just above the legs. Lastly, NOT ONE shot from BEHIND! Who the H are we KIDDING?

  • Cedar Cat

    Sad that ogling women appears to be a sport all its own.

    And how would you feel about this “spectator” sport if it were your daughter? Your sister?

    This kind of article IS the problem.

    Women are not property, not playthings, and certainly not eye candy for a bunch of boys.

    Women are people, just like you.

    • jh1289

      I agree, but on the other side, these woman apparently WANT to be eye candy, or else they wouldn’t be cheerleaders in skimpy clothes.

  • Hilda Coleman

    Where is a pic of the 20+ time national cheerleading champions Kentucky Wildcats???

  • Stevens R. Miller

    Riley, you dope. Never mind what a an as s you are for calling women “cherries.” You’ve missed the whole message in your photo set: it’s not the skimpy skirts that lets the beauty of these women show; it’s their joy. Nearly all of them are smiling, sometimes dancing, sometimes jumping, sometimes just waving. But any woman can show beauty if she has a reason to smile.

    Stop calling them “cherries” and start being a reason. You’ll see beauty everywhere you go.

    • Lee Jamison

      You are as naïve as the young teen girls who will be easily seduced into unwanted pregnancies, this, due to how mainstream America gives these “babes” tremendous attention for being so “hot.”

      • Stevens R. Miller

        How do you figure that, Lee?

        • Lee Jamison

          Instead of answering your question Steven I will ask if you think underage teens(boys and girl) could be influenced to have sex by a media that glorifies adult females as “hot babes” or say “sex objects?”

  • Dan

    They’re OK, but not really that top quality. Some are really good, the rest are just filler.

  • Lee Jamison

    I wonder if “religious America” would allow this dress attire at church services to help their high paid preachers, this, while they hump and pump and cheer passing around the collection plates. In other words, “RA” is hypocritical to support and endorse this dress attire if it cannot be also worn in church.

  • Stef

    Not one USC Trojan?!

  • John Burrus

    ” So What ?”

  • Ronnie R smith

    You’ve got to be kidding. i could not make it past ten or so. Makeup caked faces. Thank god i live in san antonio, where i see women daily at every turn that blow these girls out of the contest. Men are so pathetic. Put a cheergirl skirt on a dog and they think it’s hot.

  • Leslie Hoerwinkle

    More male cheerleaders, por favor.

  • Colin Barnett

    What’s that bulge in the gals skirt (far left)on #48? Have we gotten so PC to have transgender cheerleaders now? Wish I was smarter in HS and college… What better job than to be a male cheerleader around the ladies!! LOL.

  • Roe Vila

    I’m really hoping whomever put this together is an 18 year old boy! Most of these “girls” are very young, and do not show as “ladies”, or grown women at all! I would classify them as the girl next door… Some of them haven’t even finished maturing yet… Their looks are irrelevent!

  • Darkhill

    Some of their faces say, “Now, if there’s just a rich doctor, movie producer, or celebrity in those seats to discover me.”

  • SteveN

    I don’t get it….are blonde white girls hott….just by default? Case and point coming in at 100 UM, both girls on the out side look ok, the one in the middle is covering her face with the pom pom. They are showing zero skin, and wearing sweaters like its the 20′s…..

  • disqus_cnAj9I7Pzo

    I am so tired of pop up ads. You get lured into an article to read and the pop ups just ruin it.
    And its usually the same ad, over and over and over and over.
    I really hate it when I want to use my cell phone, and there they are before you can even dial out. Who gave them permission to barrage me with ads that I don’t even want to use or will ever use that product. Ads need to be where they belong, on the side of the page. If I am interested I’ll look, might even click. But when they jump up in my face I want nothing to do with it.

  • Ray Benitez

    LSU’s cheerleaders in the 90′s? I spent my adolescence spanking off to 90th ranked cheerleaders? I feel so dirty.
    PS: For the gay men out there, why no A&M guys practicing cheering in their white overalls?

  • johnde

    Worthless lying bastards. Where is the shock we were supposed to get.

  • Ronald Morrison

    Hey, Where are the dancers from the Arena Football League? You missed some dolls there.

  • SeenaGoodhead

    Simply Beautifull – Something So many Girls ought to Strive to Be the best they can Be.. But , sadly they don’t..

  • Ardeare

    Talk about primature ejerkulation.

  • mike80

    NO. 55 are you fucking joking????????

  • krs1251

    The young ladies in the article are indeed quite attractive. Not sure I would call them “hot”, not sure I would want to call any attractive woman “hot” as it imparts a connotation that they are more objects of sexual attraction than a real person. One observation I did note however is that none of these ladies made the decision to adorn their bodies with various tattoos or “body art.” That in itself speaks volumes for their character.

  • gotoafterburners

    I’m with Bob here. You use the same photo for Sam Houston State for example. Another story to just fill some space. Worthless.

  • Val Holladay

    `Oh, yeah. I was really shocked. I couldn’t hardly breath for nearly a whole minute.

  • ArtBrecher

    None of these ladies can hold a candle to my daughter-in-law, a beautiful Korean girl who is 81/2 months pregnant. She simply glows. I’m blessed.

  • Deno Lorenzo

    I kind of agree with Biggles below, HOWEVER, it does appear some excellent parental genes have been passed on to many many offspring!

  • Donnajean Corner

    I did not read most of the comments because of the negativity of the first two. From a womans point of veiw, I see these chjeerleaders as natural born beauties that undoubtly work very hard. They may not be your cup of tea but can’t you people at least be kind and show some respect?

  • Donnajean Corner

    I know I’m real late coming into this discussion but truly do guys really talk like this ?? lmao!!!

  • avnrulz

    Guess they couldn’t include the pictures of the Cheerleaders from Brazil that wear those micro-mini skirts and thongs.

  • The Dr. Is On

    Whoever assembled this collection apparently doesn’t understand just how critical maintaining the original aspect-ratio of a photograph can be. Far too many of these poor girls have been stretched and/or squashed in one or more directions, and not even great genetics, superb physical conditioning or skillful makeup can do diddly up against that level of ineptitude….

  • Davidptrb

    No real beauty, lots of make-up, far too much eye-shadow.
    I regret that too many women feel the need to use ornamentation on their faces. IMO it detracts from their beauty.

    • jh1289

      I like a girl that knows how to put her make-up on.

  • S.J. Jolly

    The teams are rolling in money, and are paying the cheerleaders less than minimum wage? Time for cheerleaders to get agents, same as the players.

  • Gazoo

    So basically the photos demonstrate that most (90%+) cheerleaders are pretty regardless of team…..I realized that when I was kid.

  • buffy helmet

    Jeez, some of these poor girls were so homely! What a joke. I couldn’t even get off.

  • buffy helmet

    I thought we’d see some vagina here.

    • KHS

      So women are just “vaginas” for you? Which body part are you for women? May I give you a hint: waste discharge.

  • KheSahn068

    I really don’t understand the Icon’s caption….

    “The HOT pictures of cheerleaders will SHOCK YOU.”

    I’ve seen less and better at the beach in Southern California in the month of March.

    Evidently, the author has been in frozen status back East for the last several years!

  • jh1289

    There were a few hotties, but I didn’t find anything especially “shocking.”

  • torr10

    Denver Broncos #5 looks just like my 3rd wife…..only been married twice.

  • torr10

    Did y’all notice there were captions under the pictures?? I saw that last one, wonder if I should go through and read them all?

    • Sye O’Nara

      Didn’t come here for the captions, and after reading some of them … not sure why they even bothered.


    I don’t find a picture of a cheerleader wearing a jacket “hot”. Very few of these pictures even come close to being “hot”. I agree with other commenters. many of these woman are not that attractive. They are not ugly or anything, just not “hot”.

  • bbeck

    Well I admit I got sucked into clicking on the link “HOT PICTURES OF CHEERLEADERS THAT WILL SOCK YOU”. Clicked. And now I see the article must have been written by a Baptist preacher. No action here, tolerably cute, no nudity, no sex, article should read “Cold Pictures of Dressed Cheerleaders that will not shock you.

  • Bob

    All pretty hot to me! Nice for making me smile on a Monday!

  • Deno Lorenzo

    In your Headline, you stated “pictures will shock you”? PLEASE advise me on what is so SHOCKING??!!??

  • EricNH

    These are NOT hot pictures. Is this a joke?

  • Jesus H Christ

    C’mon Rant Sports! You got 3,478 guys here ready to jerk-off….and you pull this!

    LOSERS! C’mon men…let whack-off to something else.


    The list needs some work, Not one picture of an Oregon Duck.

  • Deno Lorenzo

    All are beautiful! Numbers 61, 18, and 8 are my favorites!

  • Corsica

    Where are the hooters?

  • ei-g1

    I’ve now seen 100 photos, but are still waiting for the 100 hottest cheerleaders.

    • pippa lee


  • captaindandan

    Well they showed several college teams: Tennessee Vols, Colorado Buffaloes, UCLA Bruins……haven’t the sports writers ever heard of U.S.C.’s “WORLD FAMOUS SONG GIRLS” ?????? Really you need to check them out.

  • Joe
  • Joe
  • Joe
  • JDD

    Didn’t see any black girls? A lot of blondes. Why is that?

    • csides

      You weren’t looking very well

  • nmgene

    many of these girls are over weight, have no waistline no headlights There are a couple that were really pretty. Bu I finaly stopped half way through figuring it was a waste of my time.

    • pippa lee

      I did the same…what a waste of time

  • David J Morse

    what qualifies as hot these days, for these are lukewarm at best

  • Roy Randall

    Not a single Saints Sensation, hm?

  • Chris Metzger

    It must be me. . . so many pretty much look alike — same mold. Madison Ave at work.

  • Maury Cobb

    No Chargers girls? But a bunch of CU Colorado ? Hottest women in sports? These girls are all attractive, but take some time to devise a list for cryin out loud..

  • Dave Sheldon

    Someone needs glasses.
    Lauren Gardner – Denver Broncos…

  • Dave Sheldon

    Nicole – Chargers…