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Atlanta Braves Fans Litter Field With Trash After Bad Call

Atlanta Braves fans do not enjoy bad calls going against their team. On Friday, the worst call in baseball may have happened as the St. Louis Cardinals benefited from an horrible infield fly call. After the call screwed over the Braves, the fans decided to cover the field in trash.

I wish this video had a good replay of the call but the trash part is the most important part of this video.  The Braves are currently playing the game under protest and for a very good reason.  The call was so bad that it may have cost them a shot at coming back.

You will see this video a lot in the coming days.  Baseball is going to have to deal with a lot of people complaining about this call.  It might be the worst call that I have seen in the history of the game.  There have been bad calls but this one came in the playoffs.

I do not think covering the field in trash was the smartest idea but the Braves fans were understandably angry.  Expect a lot of people to talk about this call for the next few days.  If this gets more replay in baseball, I believe that this will be a good thing.  The game needs to add something to keep up with the times.  The less replay they use, the more chances they have for things like this to happen.

Just a shocking call and a shocking fan reaction.  I guess sports really do matter.