Derrick Rose And The Story Behind His New Logo

By Riley Schmitt

Derrick Rose might be benefiting from one of the most all out advertising campaigns in history.  Adidas basketball is marketing the Chicago Bulls star like no other during his rehab from a torn ACL.  The latest video to be released discusses the new Rose logo, as seen above.  It is actually quite interesting.

This is by far the smartest thing that Adidas could do in order to protect their investment.  There is always the chance that Rose does not return to his pre-injury form.  That would mean the company would be out a lot of money in their investment with him.  By making these commercials and moving products, they are keeping him fresh in the minds of consumers.

Even if Rose does not come back right away, people are still going to buy these things.  Another benefit from this commercial series is that it is helping humanize Rose.  A lot of people think Rose is a sheltered guy who never has much to say about anything.  However, these commercials and ads are adding depth to the character of Rose and it is making him a lot more likable.

I personally can not wait until he returns to the basketball court.  The game is much better when Rose is on the court, slicing up defenses.  This could be a hard season for Bulls fans to watch, but I know that I will be counting down the days until Rose returns.  It might be the best moment of the season.  Let’s hope he can return to that MVP level.

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