Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers Stars In New State Farm Commercial

By Riley Schmitt

Apparently we can never have too many Aaron Rodgers commercials.  The Green Bay Packers star is back with State Farm for another interesting commercial.  This one takes place at Career Day and it actually has some funny moments.  I thought these were getting played out but it looks like they picked a winner with this one.

Rodgers is actually a pretty funny guy and although it is hard to tell in this commercial, his humor does shine through.  He just takes an absolute beating in these commercials but they do come out being pretty hilarious.  Looks like State Farm picked the perfect guy for these commercials.

I imagine that there will be more of these in the coming weeks.  I believe they had three of these come out last season and they probably have a few more to release when the time is right.  You have to space them out though.  Otherwise, people are just going to get sick of these.  Well, some people are already sick of them, but you do not want to make everyone sick of them.

I just hope this commercial does not get played like 15 times a day during football games.  That is a real quick way to anger people.  The original commercials were good at first until we were beat over the head with them.  If you want to stay fresh, you have to lower the amount.

On the bright side, there were few mentions of the “Discount Double Check” in this commercial.  I guess they are learning something.



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