Michael Phelps Sets Golf Record with Ridiculous Putt

By Andrew Fisher

When Michael Phelps retired from swimming this past summer he planned to do two things: swim with sharks, and play a lot of golf.

Well he apparently has been doing quite a bit of the latter. Check out this lengthy putt Phelps sank at the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship:


This 153-foot shot is believed to be the longest televised putt in golf history, breaking the previous mark of set by Terry Wogan, who once made a 99 footer. 

Fan of Phelps or not, this is an amazing shot. I’m really hoping he gets as serious about golf as he was about swimming. How cool would it be to see another two sport athlete? Let alone a swimmer/golfer…

You always hear about how good Tony Romo is at golf, and that he could play on the PGA tour if he didn’t play football, well after last Monday night, he may want to consider all his options.

I’ve always been disappointed that Michael Jordan never got good at golf. He’s admittedly a golf junky, playing from sunrise to sundown on occasion, but even after all the time he’s put it in, he never got near the tour.

If Phelps could somehow work his way up to be a respectable golfer, I would be all for it.

When writing this I couldn’t help but think of all the cliche headlines that people will use for this story. Here’s my favorite one, hope to see it out there: 

Phelps Makes Splash on Golf Course

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