MLB Removes "We Don't Understand The Infield Fly Rule" From Twitter Profile

By Riley Schmitt

Ordinarily, the MLB‘s Twitter profile would not be a source of controversy. However, that all changed on Friday when the Atlanta Braves were screwed over on a infield fly rule call. It may have been the right call but no one is sure how the stupid rule works. Since the league can’t say they do not understand the rule, they took it out of their profile.

This is what it looks like now.

Deadspin was kind enough to grab those photos so let us take a look at these. The league had to get rid of that phrase, lest the entire world attack the Twitter account. It was really a lose-lose situation for them. They are getting killed for removing that phrase from the account, but they really could not leave it in.

The game ended under protest so we will see what else comes out of this.  Replay probably would have helped and expect that to be a big thing that gets talked about in the winter.  To keep up with the rest of the world, baseball needs to add some more replay.   It was a really weird call and it looked like everything just got all screwed up.

It is a shame that game had to be marred with the call but expect the MLB to hear a lot about this in the coming days.  Lots of controversy from this game and it is only the first game of the playoffs.  Should be an interesting October.

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