Virginia Tech Football Player Finds Scissors on Field

By Renae Juska

The Virginia Tech vs. North Carolina game had a minor delay for an object being found on the field. No, it wasn’t as bad as the bomb found on a soccer field a few weeks ago but it wasn’t as simple as a plastic bottle from the stands either. This time around, it was a pair of scissors.

As Virginia Tech was lining up, Dyrell Roberts waved down the officials to show them something was on the field. It was hard at first to tell what the object was but as the camera zooms in on Roberts you realize it was a pair of scissors.

The officials let Roberts carry the scissors off the field since it could have affected player safety. This would have been especially dangerous if a player stepped on them or someone was tackled on top of them in that spot.

If you want to get down to the technical standards, Roberts didn’t even carry the scissors the right way. You should hold them at the blade so you don’t accidentally stab someone, so there goes another safety hazard for the team, not to mention he was running with them.

So why were there scissors on the field at this point? Let alone why are scissors ever allowed on the football field? That part seems to be a mystery. Better yet, there was only 2:57 left in the 1st quarter when the scissors were found. This means the scissors were most likely on the field for a solid 12 minutes of play before anyone realized it.

With all the random rules in college football, I’m surprised the home team didn’t get a penalty for the safety hazard.

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