Matt Kenseth Wins At Talladega After Big One Takes Out Field

By Riley Schmitt

At Talladega, the goal is to survive.  If you make it through the race without wrecking, you did something right.  On Sunday, Matt Kenseth survived while the rest of the field wrecked behind him.  I’m serious.  It was almost the entire field wrecking in turns three and four.

This is what happens when NASCAR heads to the restrictor plate tracks.  The Big One will strike and it will do a lot of damage.  There were a lot of good cars that were torn up in this race and it might have a big effect on the championship chase.  It is always the wild card race of the Chase and it certainly shook things up.

It is going to take NASCAR some time to sort out this finish.  At the time this was published, there was no record on the rest of the finish.  It is going to take a bit of time for someone to look over the video and figure out who finished where.

This will certainly make things interesting going forward.  It looks like some of the Chase guys survived without too much damage but some lost a chance to make up a ton of points.  You can make or break your championship hopes at a race like this.  I think a bunch of bubbles were popped on Sunday.

In the meantime, a big hand goes to Kenseth.  He was the guy who managed to survive the mess and take home the trophy.  Not exactly pretty, but it does work.


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