Robert Griffin III Leaves Game After Taking Vicious Hit

By Riley Schmitt

Robert Griffin III may have all the talent in the world, but he is going to get killed if he keeps playing quarterback the way he does. The Washington Redskins faithful were left holding their breath after their top rookie left the game after taking a vicious shot on the sideline. Perfectly legal hit too.

The odd thing about this is the Redskins trying to hide the injury designation.  It is clear that he was smoked in the head but the Skins said he was getting checked for a rib injury.  Not only is that simply absurd, it is extremely laughable.

In other news, Kirk Cousins is now in the game as the quarterback.  That pick was roasted after the draft, but I think it is going to make a lot of sense right now.  The way RG3 plays is not good for his long term health.  He needs to learn how to get out of bounds or simply slide.  He is too small to take those big hits game after game.

Griffin could end up being an absolute star but he needs to change his game up.  Playing like this will end up getting him killed.  He will probably not return to this game and with good reason.  He is not shaken up, he got KO’d.  That is something that you do not want to mess around with.

RG3 is a smart guy so I expect him to learn from this.  Get out of bounds and live to play another day.

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