Alex Rodriguez Strikes Out Three Times, ESPN Uses 'KKK' Headline

By Sam Saltess
John E. Sokolowski-US PRESSWIRE

An ESPN blogger needed a catchy headline this week for his rapid response blog about the three strike outs Alex Rodriguez suffered in his first post-season appearance.

And what do you know, a ‘K’ means a strike-out in baseball language, so what better what to express three strike outs than using three of them together!

Wrong. There are an infinite number of better ways. In fact, you can’t forget about the, oh, HUGE, reference to the Ku-Klux Klan and white supremacy the symbol ‘KKK’ represents. It’s best to stay away from that, as the ESPN blogger Wallace Matthews quickly learned. His headline at first read:

“KKK-Rod: A-Rod’s post season started off inauspiciously, with an 0-4 and 3K’s, although he did score the second run of the game on Teixiera’s single after walking in the first.”

Then Matthews read the headline out-loud (hopefully), and realized the largely hard-to-ignore reference to white supremacy. The headline was then quickly changed to just “K-Rod”; but not before Jim Romenesko, owner of the popular Romenesko journalism blog, was able to catch the headline, making it now a part of internet history (sorry Matthews).

It’s actually sort of a humorous matter, for the simple fact that a KU-KUX KLAN reference didn’t click with Matthews when he typed that – how that happens, I don’t know, but I’m thinking he’ll remember that forever now.

Maybe next time he’ll stick with a simple “A-Rod Goes 0-4 With 3K’s” before he tries to get all creative (and unintentionally racist) on us.

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