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Brandon Weeden Tries To Throw The Ball Twice On One Play

Brandon Weeden had a play on Sunday that will go down in history.  The Cleveland Browns rookie QB tried to throw the ball twice on one play, and he succeeded.  He caught his own tipped pass and then threw a touchdown.  However, that happens to go against the rules of football.

I am actually shocked that he completely forgot the rules of the play.  This is a standard rule in almost any level of football.  You are only allowed one forward pass per play.  I admire his ability to stick with the play,but he should have just tucked it and ran.

On the very next play, he ended up throwing a pick, as the Browns fell to 0-5.  Not going to be a very good season for the Browns or their fans this year.  The team has some young pieces but they have a ton of issues on both sides of the ball.  They need to hit a winner in next year’s draft if they plan on contending any time soon.

At least they will have this play to look back on.  It was pretty funny, but not something that you want to see your team attempting.  If you end up on highlights because of this, you know that you did something wrong.  Good job, good effort, I guess.

Maybe the Browns can not dip any lower than this, but it is a long season.  Maybe Weeden will attempt the even rarer triple pass in a future game.  That would be worth seeing.