Lindsey Vonn Wants To Race Against Men In World Cup Downhill

By Riley Schmitt
Byron Hetzler-US PRESSWIRE

Lindsey Vonn is one of the best downhill skiers in the world. She is so good that she wants to up her competition level. Vonn has made a request to compete with the men in the downhill at the upcoming World Cup.

Vonn still needs support from the US ski federation before they can ask the FIS to let her compete.  It would be an uphill battle, but it would certainly be worth watching.  Skiing could use a boost and what better way to get one than letting the best woman skier take on the men?

See, the TV exposure from this would be huge for skiing and for NBC.  NBC has the rights to the competition on its NBC Sports Network and the ratings would skyrocket if Vonn was out there trying to beat the men.  She might not be able to take them out but I know that I would tune in to watch her try.

The course where the race will take place is one of the courses that Vonn is very adept at.  If she was allowed to race, she might just have a shot at taking home a medal.  It would be a difficult thing for her to pull off, but she certainly would have a chance.  If she wants to do it, you might as well let her try.

There would be no negative to letting her attempt to race.  If she does great, that is awesome.  If she struggles, at least she found out how it would go.  Let Vonn race, for all of our sakes.

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