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NFL On Fox Has Their Own Gangnam Style Video

NFL on Fox tries to be the humorous pre-game show but this latest effort might be taking things a bit too far.  The team decided to do their own Gangnam Style parody and while it was funny, it was certainly a little bit too weird for my taste.

Two of the main guys featured in this video are Jay Glazer and Jimmy Johnson.  If you look at Glazer, he seems to be fine in the video.  I mean, it is weird but there is nothing to out of the ordinary.  However, I am about to devote a couple of paragraphs to Johnson.

What in the world is he attempting to do in this video?  He has the movements down pat but his facial expressions are going to give kids nightmares.  It is the most psychotic look that I have ever seen.  In fact, I was scared watching this and I realize that there is nothing that could happen.

I like that he tried to do his best but maybe bring the facial expressions down a little bit.  You went from looking enthused to looking like a guy who is about to embark on a multi-state killing spree.  Not exactly the look you want people giving on a football show.

I am surprised that this video has not blown up yet.  I mean, everything that deals with this video turns to gold.  I would expect the awkward white guys attempting to dance during this should count for something more.  Oh well, I guess.