TV Reception Crap Out On You While Watching Sports? Blame the Sun.

By Sam Saltess

You just don’t mess with men watching playoff sports.  It’s like an unwritten rule, but apparently the sun (yes, THAT sun) doesn’t get it.

For viewers watching the  St. Louis Cardinals and Washington Nationals game yesterday, they experienced the ultimate “what the F*ck” is happening right now I just missed that play” moment. TBS froze, or went blank altogether, and fans were not happy.

Most were quick to blame either: A. their crappy cable companies or B. TBS itself. But after further investigation, frequent TV outages this weekend and going into today can be blamed on the sun.

Turner Cable tweeted right away that the outages were because of the fall equinox, where the sun is blocking cable reception momentarily.

But before you say, “good one…,” it is 100% true. According to Intelsat, “Peak outage time occurs when the sun, satellite and the earth station are exactly aligned with each other,” which is happening as we speak. “The interference declines gradually as the sun starts moving away from the satellite and earth station alignment, until it is no longer a factor—until the next interference season when the sun starts heading south.”

Believe it or not, these outages happen every year. You probably haven’t noticed because you’ve just been blaming and cursing your cable provider, or your team hasn’t been in the middle of PLAYOFF BASEBALL. The sad truth for sports fans is that there is nothing you can do about these sun outages but to wait them out.

Just keep praying they don’t happen during Monday Night Football or playoff baseball, otherwise we’re going to have a lot of people pissed off at the sun. And you can’t really doing anything to the sun.

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