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15 Hottest WAGs From The MLB Playoffs

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Source: fanpop.com

The MLB Playoffs have arrived and there has already been some great baseball action. However, the playoffs can be a bit boring if you do not have a horse in the race. Luckily for you, I have come up with a way to make the playoffs a bit more fun. If you want to really enjoy the playoffs, take a look at our slideshow of 15 WAGs from this current batch of playoff teams.

Some of these names you have probably heard of. Other ones may have flown under the radar but that does not change how good they look. Some might think this is a little bit degrading, but I only have these words to say to them. You were the one who clicked on the link, what did you expect to see?

After that tangent, let us get back on track. Not everyone will agree with how I ranked these. It all comes down to personal preference. Some like blondes, others like brunettes. We are not here to judge. Instead, we are here to put a lot of gorgeous women in one easy to click through place. I do not know how you can argue with service like that.

If you do disagree with my list or how these women are ranked, we have a comment section. Let us know how you feel about this list there and make sure you share with your friends. You might not end up liking the list but I bet someone you know might.

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Samantha Steele: Drew Stubbs

Source: Collegespun.com

A relationship between ESPN's rising star and Stubbs has been rumored for some time. I consider that enough merit to get on this list.

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Diana Roberts: Brian Roberts

Diana Roberts: Brian Roberts

No wonder why Brian Roberts spends so much time on the DL...

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Marykym Hervieux: Russell Martin

Source: playerwives.com

Hate you, Russell Martin. Hate you.

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Susannah Higgins: Mitch Moreland

Source: fantasybaseballdugout.com

Man, baseball players are lucky.

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Heidi DeRosa: Mark DeRosa

Source: itsalwayssunnyindetroit.com

I guess utility infielders can still pull chicks.

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Joanna Garcia: Nick Swisher

Source: listal.com

The Dirty 30 can certainly pick a winner.

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Heather Downen: Ryan Zimmerman

Source: Georgetowner.com

Lots of good things going on in Washington this year.

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Jeanne Paulus: Joey Votto

Source: diehardsport.com

No wonder why Votto was in no rush to return to action this year.

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Amber Marie Seyer: Barry Zito


At least Zito has one thing going right for him.

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Angela Rypien: Gio Gonzalez

Source: WN.com

Like I said, good things are going on in Washington.

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Torrie Wilson: Alex Rodriguez

Source: Fanpop.com

Could Wilson be the reason that A-Rod is struggling so much? He must be distracted.

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Hannah Davis: Derek Jeter

Source: blogspot.com

How many gift bags do you think Davis has received?

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Amanda McCarthy: Brandon McCarthy


Not only is Amanda hot, she is also hilarious to follow on Twitter.

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Dallas Latos: Mat Latos

Source: Syrup Magazine

I think words would ruin this picture.

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Kate Upton: Justin Verlander

Source: Douglas Jones - US PRESSWIRE

Verlander is way too lucky. MVP, Cy Young, and Kate Upton? Not fair.