Ben Grogan Scores Extra Point With A Rare Drop Kick

By Renae Juska

I can honestly say that I don’t know if I have ever seen a drop kick in a football game to score an extra point after a touchdown. Looking into more detail, it seems as if it really is extremely rare, especially during a game and recorded on camera.

But the extra point drop kick happened this past weekend in Texas at a high school football game. The place kicker’s name is Ben Grogan he is a senior at Arlington Martin High School in Texas.

One second, the holder is there and next thing you know he’s right behind the line of scrimmage. Grogan smoothly caught the ball and with nearly perfect technique took three steps and successfully drop kicked the football for the extra point.

The team pretty much played a one-sided game as they won 59-7 against Weatherford High School. If the score had been closer, Grogan probably would have never gotten the chance to attempt the rare kick.

Besides this occurrence of the drop kick for an extra point, the most well-known incidence of it was back in 2006. This is when New England Patriots backup kicker, Doug Flutie successfully completed the NFLs first drop kick since 1941.

Since 2006, there has only been one drop kick that has hit the news and that was Kody Thomas from Robinson High School (Florida) in 2011. Thanks to Grogan, football fans can experience the irregular drop kick one more time. With two drop kicks in the last two years, it is making me wonder if this uncommon kick will be seen more in future games for just a little bit of fun on the field.

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