Donald Trump Thinks Alex Rodriguez Cannot Perform Without Drugs

By Ryan Gaydos
The Star-Ledger-US PRESSWIRE

Everybody has something to say about current New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez. Either he’s not hitting or he should be moved in the lineup or he should be benched. Donald Trump is even taking his jab at Alex Rodriguez instead of pay attention to his own problems. Look at this tweet from Trump earlier Wednesday:

Rodriguez was the man coming out of Texas and into a pinstripe uniform. He was the man that was next to break Barry Bonds‘ home run record. Rodriguez was on the fast track but ever since he was tied to performance enhancing drugs, there has been a different Rodriguez that we have seen. He is not a 40 home run batter nor is he the same kind of powerhouse that we have seen in the early days of his tenure with the Yankees.

Rodriguez did come out in 2006 saying that he used an over the counter drug from the Dominican Republic called boli. He injected boli into his system for six months. Rodriguez has also been linked to numerous trainers and nutionists that have been investigated by Major League Baseball or the FBI.

In his career, Rodriguez has hit 647 home runs, drove in 1950 runs and has batted .300/.384/.560 in his long career that started with the Seattle Mariners.

Trump’s allegations are just opinion but it is interesting to note the replies of the tweet. No one is defending A-Rod. No one is using numbers to justify that A-Rod needed steroids to do what he has done in his career. Remember, in 2009 he carried the team to a World Series.

Let’s not be the one’s that throw A-Rod under a bus.

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