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Top 10 WWE Finishers of All-Time

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Counting Down the Best Finishing Moves of All-Time


The finishing move is one of the most alluring parts of professional wrestling. It’s the move in a match when the fans know the bout could very well end. Anytime a wrestler hits their finisher, the whole course of the match changes.

The result is either a winner being decided or a tense "near fall." Near falls are an extremely important part of any match, as they build the back and forth momentum any good performance needs. Kicking out of finishers is usually the sign of a good match.

However most of the time finishers lead to victories, whether it's in a two minute "sqaush" match or a thirty five minute main event.

I love the different types of finishers: top rope, submissions, knockouts, body slams. It doesn't matter what kind the wrestler has, as long as they elaborate when performing it. Theatrics are an important part of any finisher.

Often times finishers aren't even the most spectacular moves in a match, but if sold well by both performers, it's always a believable end to a bout.

In this countdown we take a look at the ten best finishers in the history of WWE. These are the moves that will stand the test of time and always be remembered. All of the wrestlers and moves on this countdown are ones that have been around and their moves are proven.

These are the greatest finishers in the history of pro wrestling:

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#10 - Figure 4 Leglock - Ric Flair


You can't have a wrestling countdown without the Nature Boy. The Figure 4 Leglock is one of the greatest submission holds ever because it caused tons of drama as to whether someone would tap out, plus it could be reversed which was always entertaining.

Not to mention this move always leads WWWOOOOOOO chants throughout the arena.

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#9 - Elbow Drop - Macho Man


Oooh Yeah the Macho Man's elbow drop was the best top rope finisher back in the day. Sure it was just a simple elbow, but the way Savage always pointed to the sky is what people will always remember about this move, that and the fact that it's the best elbow off the top of all-time.

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#8 - Jackknife Powerbomb - Kevin Nash


The powerbomb is one of the best moves in the history of pro wrestling. But who does the best one? Kevin Nash that's who. The true Jackknife Powerbomb really isn't even allowed in today's WWE. There used to be much more emphasis on dropping the guy on his neck, but the jackknife still stands out among the rest.

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#7 - Rock Bottom - The Rock


The Rock Bottom hits the countdown at No. 7 mainly out of respect. It's not the flashiest move, but it's always gotten the job done for the The Rock. It's one of the best because it can be taken by anyone, or done through anything.

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#6 - 5 Star Frog Splash - Rob Van Dam


With all due respect to Eddie Gurerro, RVD does the best Frog Splash of all-time. Van Dam gets ridiculous height every time he executes this move off the top, and the cool thing is that he's still doing it the same today.

RVD gets overlooked in the best performers conversation, but his 5 star will not be overlooked on this countdown.

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#5 - Pedigree - Triple H


The Pedigree should be on every top ten list. It's a move that anyone can take, but when sold well, looks like one of the most devastating moves ever. Triple H has pedigreed people though tables, on thumbtacks, on cages, you name it, you can be pedigreed on it.

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#4 - Tombstone Piledriver - The Undertaker


The Tombstone Piledriver is cool just in it's name. It's the perfect move for the Undertaker and that's been proven for twenty years. Many greats have fallen to this move, and it's been the ending to numerous Wrestlemanias.

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#3 - Sharpshooter - Bret Hart


Without question the greatest submission maneuver in the history of professional wrestling. If you could actually get someone locked into this move in real life, you would legitimately hurt them.

The greatness of the Sharpshooter is illustrated by the fact that you still see wrestlers use it today in high profile matches, most recently The Rock at last year's Wrestlemania.

The Sharpshooter was the perfect move for the Hitman character.

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#2 - Sweet Chin Music - Shawn Michaels


If HBK was tuning up the band, you knew what was next, Sweet Chin Music. Anybody can get kicked in the face, and that's the main reason this is No. 2.

SCM could come out of nowhere to cause a dramatic near fall, or end the match. It was the perfect move for a guy of Michaels' size, and he always knew the right time to break it out.

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#1) The Stunner - Stone Cold Steve Austin


The Stone Cold Stunner is the best finisher of all-time. When you think of finishing moves, you think of the Stunner.

Whether Steve Austin was toasting a beer or shaking his opponent's hand, there was always still a possibility of a stunner. Very few stunners disappointed over the years, and there's no question they're still entertaining today.

The night Stone Cold stunned Mr. McMahon the WWE changed forever, as it was the first time anyone really put their hands on the boss.