DeAndre Jordan Is Already Airballing Free Throws

By Riley Schmitt

For whatever reason, DeAndre Jordan just can not get the hang of shooting free throws. The Los Angeles Clippers center looks to be ready for the season as he is already airballing free throws. Not exactly the way you want to have the preseason go.

I mean, Jordan has spent a lot of time working on his free throws but he still has some work to do.  I, for one, can not understand how NBA players can be so bad at free throws.  As a post player, you are going to get fouled at a decent rate.  Making free throws is an easy way to make teams pay for putting you on the line.

If you are making millions playing the game, you should be able to make one of the most basic shots in the game.  I have no idea if it is a mental block or something else, but the amount of players that struggle with free throws just astounds me.

I bet we see a lot more videos of Jordan missing free throws like this during the regular season.  It is actually one of the better reasons to watch the Clippers.  I mean, how many times can you watch an awesome dunk or pass?  It eventually gets boring.  If you have guys missing free throws like this, it will never get old.  Airballed free throws are simply classic.

I do hope that Jordan can fix his woes.  It has to be embarrassing to miss shots like this, but oh well.


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