Parody Video: Fans of College Football

By David LaRose
John David Mercer- US PRESSWIRE

Have you ever wondered what other fans think of your favorite college football team’s fan base? There are a lot of generalizations, some good and some bad, but every fan base has them.

Well, one guy tried to nail down how each college football team’s fan is perceived and it’s a pretty funny video.

Check it out:

This will obviously upset a lot of people, especially the teams that he blatantly made fun of, which is most of them. Fan bases are extremely loyal and I’m sure they’ve left him some pretty explicit messages in the comments section of this video.

Anyways, his process of choosing the teams for this video was this: He chose only 50 schools because anything more would have been too long of a video, he chose the teams from the AP Top 25 and filled out the rest according to an article on the top 100 fan bases in the country. If he left your favorite team out that’s why.

The funniest one to me was at the very beginning when he’s talking about Nebraska’s cheerleaders because who would really want to live in Nebraska? Besides that he makes some pretty funny generalizations about the different fan bases. Teams in the South he basically calls them all rednecks who are all about their trucks and hunting. For basketball schools he pleads for them to just have the hardwood coaches coach the football teams. I also had a good chuckle around the 2:15 mark when he dons the Gamecocks and Beavers shirts because who hasn’t made fun of those team names?

Overall, he did a pretty good job in nailing down the stereotype of each fan base. Did he stretch a little bit on some? Sure he did but for the most part they seemed spot on.

Agree or disagree with his assessment of your fan base? Comment below and let us know what he really should have said.


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