The ESPN Tribute To Beano Cook Is Fantastic

By Riley Schmitt

Beano Cook may have been one of the best college football analysts to ever grace the game. The longtime staple on ESPN passed away at age 81 on Thursday. The network wasted no time coming up with a great tribute video, which is one of the things that they are great at.

Not going to lie, that is one great video. I enjoyed watching Cook talking football any time he showed up on the network. He loved the sport and he knew a lot about it. He had a love affair with the game and the fans were the ones who benefited from it.

Of course, he did have some moments that will make me laugh out loud forever. I was alerted to a clip earlier today that Cook predicting that Ron Powlus was going to win two Heisman trophies. That may have been the biggest faux pas of his career. Ron Powlus, really? I do not think anyone could ever believe in that.

The college football world will miss Cook and the infinite amounts of wisdom that he brought to the table. The sports world and the entire world are worse off for him passing away. There is going to be a large void left in the world of college football.

I have seen a lot of reaction to his death and not one person has had a negative thing to say. I do not think anyone ever had anything negative to say about Cook. That is the mark of a great man.


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