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jessa hinton hot

If you were to ask me, I would say that sports are probably the most important thing in life. Sounds a bit strange but it is true. After sports, I would have to say that beautiful women would also rank fairly high on that list. So I came up with a great way to combine these two things.

Today, I bring you 25 of the hottest sport fans ever. Yes that is correct. I am bringing you 25 (well, 26) slides of a hotties who love their sports. Some used to be cheerleaders, some are reporters, and some even used to date athletes. All of these chicks love sports, which means they are amazing.

I would bet that you know some of the names on this list. I also bet that you are seeing some of these girls for the first time. Nothing wrong with either of those situations. Sports may divide a bunch of us, but we can all certainly bond over this. If you find a reason to be divided over this, you might need to take a chill pill.

The slides are in no particular order, so you can certainly rank them yourself. I won't judge you for that. In fact, discussion is always fun to have. If you feel that my slides are bad or if I left out someone important, you can certainly let me know in the comments. However, I think that you will not find a lot of things to complain about. I mean, it's hot women who love sports. Who would complain about that?

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Tiffany Shelby

Tiffany Shelby hot

Selby is a girl who loves her extreme sports. Nothing wrong with an extreme chick.

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Shannon James

Source: blacksportsonline.com

Shannon's team would have to be the San Francisco Giants. Otherwise, her boyfriend Hunter Pence would probably get upset.

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Heather Rae Young

Heather Rae Young hot

Young considers herself a huge Los Angeles Lakers fan. Bet she enjoyed the offseason.

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AJ Alexander

aj alexander hot

Alexander is a big Pittsburgh Steelers fan. Kind of a rough season so far.

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Monica Leigh

Source: ign.com

Leigh is a New York Yankees fan. Wonder how much the Jeter injury upset her?

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LeeAnn Tweeden

LeeAnn Tweeden hot

Tweeden is an interesting case as far as sports go. She doesn't like a specific team, but she does like a specific sport. Motorcross is her sport and there's nothing wrong with an extreme chick.

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Amanda Cerny

Amanda Cerny hot

Cerny has two teams. She loves her Pittsburgh Steelers and the Florida State Seminoles.

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Sara Jean Underwood

Sara Jean Underwood hot

Underwood is a big fan of the Oregon State Beavers. Good year for them so far.

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Mei Ling Lam

Source: listal.com

Lam loves the Boston teams but the Boston Celtics are her one true love. I guess just for sports, but who knows?

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Jayde Nicole

Source: thegate.com

Jayde loves her hockey. Too bad the NHL doesn't love its fans.

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Iryna Ivanova

Iryna Ivanova

Ivanova is a big MMA chick. Not something you hear everyday.

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Courtney Rachel Culkin

courtney rachel culkin hot

Culkin really loves New York based teams. However, the Yankees are choking and the Knicks are dysfunctional. That's not good.

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Arianny Celeste

Arianny Celeste hot

When you are a MMA ring girl, you tend to like the sport. Celeste could probably whip up on some people too.

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Jaime Edmondson

Jaime Edmondson hot

Jaime loves the Miami Dolphins. I guess being a former cheerleader probably had some influence on that.

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Lisa Dergan

lisa dergan hot

Dergan is a huge sports fan in general. I bet she tends to cheer hardest for whatever team Scott Podsednik is on.

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Hope Dworaczyk

Hope Dworaczyk hot

She used to be a Dallas Mavericks fan, but that was before her Jason Kidd relationship hit the skids. Maybe some other team is looking for a new fan.

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Tiffany Fallon

Tiffany Fallon hot

Fallon loves the Florida State Seminoles. Bet she doesn't fail in a big moment though.

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Nikki Ryan

Nikki Ryan hot

Ryann really loves the Nashville Predators. Too bad there is no hockey to speak of right now.

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Karin Noelle

Source: hubgarage.com

Noelle enjoys her baseball and her team of choice is the Philadelphia Phillies. Rough year this year.

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Pilar Lastra

pilar lastra hot

Lastra is a football chick. Don't worry guys, she can give you fantasy advice on the side.

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Tyran Richard

Source: listal.com

Richard is a huge fan of the LSU Tigers. Nothing wrong with that at all.

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Crystal McCahill

crystal mccahill hot

McCahill is a Chicago Cubs fan. I think she made a bad choice with that one.

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Kylie Johnson

Source: ign.com

Johnson loves the Pittsburgh Steelers. She also loves the Buffalo Sabres, but you know that whole lockout thing is going on.

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Grace Kim

grace kim hot

Kim is a gamer girl and Madden is her game. Not a bad pick.

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Candice Michelle


Candice Michelle posed in Playboy back when she was in WWE. She's also appeared during Super Bowl ads for GoDaddy.com.

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Sable. The first WWE diva to pose for Playboy. Now she just roots on her husband, Brock Lesnar.

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Christy Hemme


Hemme still works in the wrestling business for TNA. She's one of seven WWE divas to pose for Playboy.

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Maria Kanellis


Calling Maria beautiful is a huge understatement.

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Torrie Wilson


Torrie is famous for being a WWE diva and for dating high profile stars like A-Rod.

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